Here are Technext’s Top 5 Edtech of the Year


With the evolution of technological innovations in Nigeria, a lot of sectors are making their presence known online. The EdTech is one of such sectors as it has experienced massive growth. And while the sector may not be riding the waves like the other sectors (Fintech, Healthtech etc), they are not without startups providing innovative solutions to the problems of education in Nigeria.

Taking education beyond the four walls of a classroom, the EdTech sector has several startups that provide unique services. From providing assistance with schoolwork and connecting vibrant teachers to students who need assistance, to helping schools with record management. This has helped in transforming the Education sector of the country.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Edtech startups reshaping and adding value to the face of education in Nigeria.


Bren is our surprise addition for this year’s Edtech list. Bren is a scholarship search specialist operating the twitter handle @MomentsWithBren. Although not your regular startup, Bren has made real good use of its platform to help the education space of Nigeria. The startup focuses mainly on the youths.

The handle regularly tweets scholarship opportunities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate seekers at schools abroad. It also helps job seekers with tips for writing good job resumes as well as online educational courses that can be taken by followers.

Prep Class

PrepClass is an online academic solution platform that connects tutors and learners. Founded by Chukwuwezam Obanor and Olumide Ogunlana, PrepClass is an online portal for students preparing for standardized tests in Nigeria.

With PrepClass, students pay to take practice tests that prepare them for an online or paper tests. Using the latest web technologies, they ensure that relevant local content such as past questions, past tests, class notes, interactive audio and 2D/3D videos are available to users (high school students, undergraduate students and Job seekers).

PrepClass was a part of the 20th Annual Africa Business Conference in Boston which held in March. Recently, it secured $1 million in a funding round backed by American venture capital company, Rise Capital.

Skool Media

An ICT solution-based company, Skool Media is transforming how learning is practised and expanding the range of measures in student’s achievements.

The startup has so far trained over 2000 smart teachers on relevant digital learning skills. It also helped in setting up student technology experience centres in about 23 Federal Government unity schools across Nigeria. The startup has also developed; a digital learning platform that promotes student teachers interactions, parent teachers interactions as well as stakeholders interactions.


An online marketplace for schools, Edusko connects middle and high income earning families with good and affordable private schools in Nigeria and abroad.

Founded in 2015 by Jide Ayegbusi and Deji Ajala, the platform allows parents to easily compare schools and choose the best for their kids. Aside Nigerian schools, the startup also has in its portfolio schools located in South Africa, Ghana, Canada, and the UK.


Edves is a cloud-based school management software platform. Its platform allows schools manage report cards, fees payment, digital learning, student enrollment and much more. Parents can also view details of their children’s education via the platform.

Founded in 2016 by Dimeji Falana and Dare Adebayo, the platform already has about 80,000 users. It had been deployed to 340 schools and has on the Android Play Store, less than 1,000 downloads.

The startup has been a recipient of funding and accolades this year. This includes being named winner of the Transforming Education Prize at the 2018 Seedstars World Summit in Switzerland in April 2018. This helped it secure a $50,000 grant from Seedstars World. Recently, Edves raised $120,000 investment from Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) and Chinook capital.

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