This Nigerian Healthtech Startup is Connecting Nigerians to Private Health Practitioners

For decades, Nigerian healthcare workers have been migrating to other parts of the world in search of better working conditions. Reasons being the tough work environment in Nigeria and very low clientele, a situation made worse by endemic poverty. But again tech is coming to the aid. A Nigerian Healthtech startup, Doctoora, is providing a platform where people can find and book private healthcare professionals.

Founded by Dr. Debo Odulana (CEO) and Beatrix Wu (co-founder & COO), the startup kicked off in 2016. From General Check-Up, Specialist Care and Antenatal care to Lifestyle & Fitness and Elderly Care, the platform allows users access vetted healthcare practitioners and receive quality health care. In turn Doctoora takes a commission of the fees paid across the platform. In doing this, the startup is improving healthcare, increasing the clientele of medical professionals and reducing the rate at which healthcare workers leave Nigeria.

Beyond linking patients to healthcare professionals, Doctoora, allows healthcare professionals to rent fully serviced medical facilities anywhere on a pay-per-use basis after a verification process.

“Nigeria has a massive infrastructure gap, especially in the healthcare sector. This gap has arisen due to low government spending on healthcare, a poor maintenance culture, and the high setup costs associated with healthcare infrastructure,” says Dr Debo Odulana, CEO of Doctoora. “Due to this, clinicians who earn very little are unable to afford the high setup costs, and thus deterred from setting up their own private practices. Furthermore, existing facilities struggle to generate enough traffic and eventually get buried by overheads.”

In a bid to save healthcare practitioners from incurring setup and administrative costs, the startup allows for both short and long term rental options. It also provides them with a practice management platform that helps them to keep track of their work.

Presently, Doctoora has about 35 healthcare professionals on board and built a network of 15 facilities. Beginning with Nigeria, the startup aims to become a mainstay on the African continent, expanding into other African countries. Since its creation, the startup has raised US$35,000 in funding when it was recently selected to take part in the Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) incubation programme.

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