Meet the 5 EdTech Startups Providing Innovative Solutions to the Nigerian Education Sector


With the evolution of technological innovations in Nigeria, a lot of sectors are making their presence known online. The EdTech is one of such sectors experiencing massive growth, and this is as a result of the many innovative solutions provided by startups.

Taking education beyond the four walls of a classroom, the EdTech sector has several startups that provide unique features; from providing textbooks, to providing assistance with schoolwork, to connecting vibrant teachers to students who need help. This has helped in transforming the Education sector of the country.

Let’s take a look at 5 of such startups that has reshaped the face of education in Nigeria. a CBT examination preparatory platform is a web, desktop and mobile-based CBT examination preparatory and testing platform, with a vision to help candidates excel in all major Nigerian Examinations and tests right from the comfort of their mobile device or computer.

Founded by  the late Samson Abioye, provides candidates with mock questions, answers, analytical solutions, an opportunity to simulate the exam electronically,connect and compete with fellow exam mates, track their progress. This is done in order to reduce the number of failures in the country.

PrepClass is an online academic solution provider/platform that connects tutors and learners. Founded by Chukwuwezam Obanor and Olumide Ogunlana, PrepClass is an online portal for students preparing for standardized tests in Nigeria.

With PrepClass, students pay to take practice tests that prepare them for an online or paper tests. They also use the latest web technologies to ensure that relevant local content such as past questions, past tests, class notes; interactive audio and 2D/3D videos are available to users (high school students, undergraduate students and Job seekers) on demand via their digital devices.

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Primal tutor is an educational hub with which parents can locate the best home tutors for their children that will help them reach their learning goals.

Founded by Wale Ogunjobi, the hub allows you to request for a tutor, by simply filling a form specifying subject details and wait to be paired with a tutor, usually within 1 day. Likewise, teachers interested in working are required to also fill in a form and await confirmation.


Tuteria is a Nigerian tutoring platform that links qualified tutors to students in their area and within their budget. Founded by Godwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi.

Tuteria helps people connect with qualified tutors in their area to master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to them. It also allows students to book lessons using an upfront online payment system. The selection of potential tutors is ensured by a verification process that includes an ID and qualifications check along with standard competency tests.


EduRecords is a cloud and mobile-based education platform that makes use of firsthand data collection for educational purposes using an algorithm that uniquely identifies each student and creates personal learning guides.

Launched in 2016, EduRecords also tracks class registration and attendance, provides insightful reports including projections, learning path and suggestions on how best a child’s academic performance could be improved to their parents and educators and provide ICT teaching aids affordable to all people.


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