This week on social media: sex tips from Oxlade and the need to kill Zouma for kicking a cat

Nigerian musician Oxlade was in the news when multiple sex tapes of the musician leaked online…
Nigerian musician , Oxlade
Oxlade performing at an event

Hi guys! Hope you had a good week. There is an unending run of happenings on social media and this week is no different.

This week on social media was full of videos and one, in particular, was leaked and raunchy. Nigerian musician Oxlade was in the news when multiple sex tapes of the musician leaked online. The release was treated with mixed feelings. We will consider what folks are saying about that.

Another incident that sparked varied feelings was the case of domestic violence against footballer, Kurt Zouma. He was in the news when a leaked video showed him kicking his cat. We are just here wondering who the video leakers are and what their intentions are. What is certain is that both leaks got swelled reactions both from individuals and corporations.

In this roundup, we will touch on some other topics that got some sort of attention in the week. These include a Netflix documentary that had people comparing Nigerian women to White women and a Twitter user that asked for medical advice on some reactions on his lips. Did it look like herpes?

Now, you grab your snacks and let’s get to the details.

The Oxlade (or #Oxlaid) sex tapes

Download: Oxlade - DKT (Directed by Dammy Twitch) | Critiqsite

Nigerian musician, Ikuforiji Olaitan, popularly known as Oxlade was the number one trending topic this week. There were a number of explicit videos of the musician engaging in sexual activities that were circulated across social media platforms.

As expected, a cocktail of reactions trailed the videos with some praising his sexual prowess while some said they were disappointed in him for his indiscretion.

In retrospect, some social media users compared the circumstances of the leak tapes to that of Tiwa Savage. Their fuss was that people should have criticized him the same way they did when the sex tape of the music vixen was leaked a few months ago.

Some experts opined that the objects of criticism should not be sex actors but the people that leaked the sex videos, either as a form of revenge or blackmail. By the way, this act is illegal and criminal.

So, the victims should not be blamed.

Reactions on the Tinder Swindler story

A new Netflix documentary, Tinder Swindler was one of the hot topics on social media.  The documentary follows three women who said they were conned by Simon Leviev, an Israeli man they all met separately on Tinder sometime in 2018 or 2019.

French Montana 'can't believe' he has met infamous Tinder Swindler; Pokes  fun at him with hilarious caption | PINKVILLA
Simon Leviev

Simon was able to con the women by taking them on first-class trips and dining at exclusive restaurants, telling them he was from a wealthy background. After he had gained their trust, he would then claim that enemies were after him and ask for money to escape their clutches as he could not use his accounts so they would not trace him.

These women, who went as far as taking loans to ‘save’ Simon were rudely shocked when they found out that they were victims of a scam. The Nigerian side of social media had divided opinions.

For some, Nigerian women could not be so easily scammed.

The other side felt Nigerian women were just as susceptible as the women that were scammed.

The bottom line is that scamming is a crime, one that should not be tolerated by any society.

Local man exposes himself

This Twitter user caused quite the ruckus when he posted pictures of sores that appeared on his mouth. Other users of the microblogging platform were quick to inform him to seek treatment as it was a symptom of Herpes, a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Medical practitioners on the app commended users for recognizing the symptom for what it was instead of malaria. They also advised users on better health practices.

Kurt Zouma under fire for kicking a cat

West Ham lose ANOTHER sponsor over Kurt Zouma after defender dropped by  Adidas over horrific cat video
West Ham defender, Kurt Zouma

Another football player is in the news this week. West Ham United player, Kurt Zouma came under fire when a video of him kicking a cat surfaced online. Animal rights activists were quick to condemn the act and demanded that the player be punished.

The player, after issuing an apology, was asked to pay a fine of £250,000 which will be donated to animal welfare charities. He also had his Adidas sponsorship revoked.

However, some people were of the opinion that the punishments were unduly bigger than the player’s undoing. They attributed this to racism. According to them, white players had committed far grievous offences with less punishment.

The big question is what would become of the cat if its owner is left without a mean livelihood?

That’s all we have for this week. Happy Valentines Day in advance. Stay safe guys.

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