Konga Partners Visa to Make Online Shopping Seamless for Customers

Revitalized e-commerce company, Konga has partnered with global digital payments leader, Visa to offer more value to customers with a digital-driven and rewarding payment experience.

Together, Visa payment processing is melded into Konga’s ecommerce solution in a strategic partnership. This offers more value to customers with seamless digital and secure payments solutions across key segments of Konga Group’s business portfolio.

Konga’s online and walk-in shoppers nationwide will benefit from this new partnership when they pay exclusively with Visa. Shoppers who use the KongaPay app will be issued a digital Visa card which will enable them to make payments everywhere Visa is accepted.

Users of the KongaPay app will also be able to pay digitally at the time of delivery of their items by simply scanning the Quick Response (QR) code provided by Konga’s KXpress delivery agents.

In addition to these benefits, customers who book a trip with Konga Travels & Tours would be given a Visa prepaid card which would enable them make payments easily while traveling.

This development will enhance the platform’s ability to provide a seamless, convenient and secure shopping experience to consumers which will in turn improve the e-commerce sector.

“Partnerships are key for us at Visa, as we constantly look for new opportunities to ensure that more people have access to unique payment experiences that are seamless, fast and secure,” says Kemi Okusanya, General Manager, Visa West Africa. “We are extremely delighted to unveil this strategic partnership with Konga which is positioned to further simplify the payment process and raise standards in the Nigerian e-commerce sector.”

On his part, Nick Imudia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Konga Group said: “With this partnership, we are bound to witness a digitally-driven and effortless payment experience for all classes of customers on the Konga platforms – online shoppers, visitors to our offline stores nationwide, merchants, third-party clients and other stakeholders. This development is not only momentous in view of its far-reaching implications for the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria, but one that will go a long way to boost customer experience and confidence in the sector.”

Since its merger Konga has continued to roll out initiatives that provide value to its customers. This includes the same day delivery and a relaunch of its Payment On Delivery service.

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