Social Media Roundup: #SayNoToRape Campaign, #BBNaijaReunion, and Other Trending Stories


Social media has been really tensed this week as there have been lots of campaigns and protests surrounding the ill-treatment of blacks in the US. In Nigeria, there have also been lots of advocacy against sexual assault and rape.

The anti-rape campaign him Nigeria started following the disturbing story of Vera Uwaila Omozua, a 22-year-old student of the University of Benin who was raped then murdered by a group of men inside a church.

Since then, many victims of sexual assault have come out to say their own story. Over the last few days, names like Yangy, Tife, Solomon have trended come up over allegations of sexual assault and rape.

Celebrities have also not been excluded as the likes of Peruzzi and DBanj have been accused. The story of Busayo Dakolo, wife of Timi Dakolo and her experience with COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo which happened last year has also resurfaced.

The tech space also had its own share of cases as a tech consultant, Kelechi Udoagwu, shared the story of sexual assault she experienced at the hands of Kendall Ananyi, the CEO of Tizeti Network Limited.

While some of the accused have come forth to defend themselves, others have been silent about it. We hope all cases are resolved soon, with proper justice diligently served as due.

In the meantime #StopRape, seek verbal consent and remember that #NoMeansNo.

They are Anonymous, They are Back

We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Picture this. An unknown person with a Guy Fawkes mask sends you a video claiming he will reveal your secrets if you don’t succumb to his/her wish. Sounds like stuff that happens in movies right?

Well, this week, it really happened.

In support of protests and riots that broke out following the death of George Floyd, Anonymous, a global hacker group whose members are unknown seems to have emerged from the shadows where it has been for some years.

The hacktivist group released a video threatening to expose the many crimes of the police department to the world to seek justice. In less than 24 hours, they have hacked the Minneapolis Police website and hijacked the Chicago Police Daprtment’s radio systems. They also published files on US President Donald Trump and his involvement in child trafficking and rape with Jerry Epstein.

Anonymous also claims Trump wasn’t the only offender as other prominent individuals like Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell and Bill Clinton were also involved.

While nothing big has been heard from the group over the last couple of days, the first 48 hours post video had the social media world anticipating.

So, a Twitter user @UgwunnaEjikem had made a thread about the “audio legal case” threats of recent, especially over rape/sexual assault allegations.

Audio, in this case, referred to the fact that these ‘court cases’ were only heard of, but beyond the noise and hype, nothing concrete has come out of it.

The thread had the effect of triggering some of the parties mentioned although some users felt the call out wasn’t necessary. A particular user, @TheoAbuAgada who was mentioned had gone on to tweet curses at Ejikem.

In the case of Tife (another user mentioned), his friends had called out Ejikem, going on to label him a rapist too. Ejikem who denied the allegations, went on to tweet a screen recorded voice note of one his accusers that suggest that the act of rape took place and is being covered up by Tife and his friends.

This sent the social media world into frenzy, with many leaning towards the wise words that says “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”. Las las, we hope all this mess is sorted out.


In anticipation of the new season of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show, Multichoice Nigeria had rolled out a reunion show starring the housemates of last season. And the show’s fans have been treated with the epic reunion show of their favs.

The social media space this week was filled with hashtags and gusts from the reunion show as fans took to the TL to share things about their favs, with the biggest rivalry happening between the Titans (fans of Tacha) and Mercenaries (fans of Mercy).

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