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Women In Tech

Women in Tech: Ikiokaye Idowu shares her crossover story from banking to tech

Early-stage investor, Elizabeth Pambuka talks about how women-led startups can attract angel investments

Iqram Babs Lawal

Meet 13-Year-Old Iqram Lawal Who Refuses to Quit Coding Despite High Cost of Internet and Online Courses

‘Banks Told me I was too Young to Buy Stocks’ – Tomie Balogun on why she Ventured into Investments


‘Limiting Mindsets Prevent Women from Making the Most of Tech Communities’ – Temilade Adelakun


Symbiotic Relationships are Needed to Enhance Femtech Innovations – Abisola Oladapo, MumSpring Founder

Clara Okoro-women in tech

“Women in Tech are Overmentored and Underfunded” – Clara Okoro, Founder, My Beautiful Africa

Women in Tech: Lola Ekugo Talks About Building Industry Ties and Upskilling Outside the Workspace

Virtual Tech Events This Week: Women in Finance, AI in Cybersecurity Webinar and Others

Women In Tech- 9ijakids Founder Titilope Adewusi Talks About Tech as an Enabler and the Value of Early Exposure

Women In Tech: Ommo Clark Shares Her 20-Year Journey Towards Making an Impact as a Software Developer

Meet The 5 Women In Tech Who Won $10,000 at Standard Chartered’s Incubator Program

#WomenInTech- How Lola Salako is Helping Cancer Patients Access the Right Specialist Care Through Oncopadi

Women in Tech: How Teni Stuffman Developed Vas2Nets Through Her Passion for Tech

Odunayo Eweniyi Talks About Digital Identity and How Women Can Gain More Visibility in the Tech Space