Microsoft Forced to Extend Free Support for Windows 7 Weeks After Ending it Due to Bug in its Last Update

Windows 7 bug forces Microsoft to prepare a free update for users
Windows 7 bug forces Microsoft to prepare a free update for users

Barely weeks after Microsoft ended its old Windows 7 support, a bug in that last update has forced the hand of the tech company to schedule another free update that will fix the bug.

The company’s last update came after the Windows 7 OS had been in operation for 10 years. As at when Microsoft announced the end of the operating system’s support, the update which was released was to be the last security update to ensure the optimum performance of the operating system.

In what has turned out to be an unexpected twist, that Microsoft’s security update carried with it a bug that caused wallpapers to not be displayed properly on the old OS. The Verge reports that the bug seems to only affect wallpapers while other options such as fit, fill, tile, and center options work well for Windows 7 users.

“After installing KB4534310, your desktop wallpaper might display as black when set to Stretch.”


Is Microsoft releasing a free fix for this bug?

Although Microsoft has publicly ended free support for Windows 7, a bug which is of Microsoft’s own making seems to be a different matter. The tech company previously said that only organizations that have purchased a Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) would have access to future security updates.

Windows 7  bug forces Microsoft to prepare free update for Windows 7 users Microsoft Will be Forced to Extend Windows 7 Support Weeks After Ending it

While the company said the update would be available “for organizations who have purchased Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU)”, its latest stand is that the Windows 7 update will be made available to everyone running the OS.

At different times in previous years, Microsoft has released updates for Windows XP after it had ended support for the operating system. This is not a regular practice for Windows however, and OS 7 users without an ESU should not expect continued support as was given to protect Windows XP from ransomware attacks.

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