OPay’s Mega Expansion Continues, ORide and OTrike Now Available in Akure, Ilorin and Kano

A Tribute: Opay Has Significantly Altered the Ride-Hailing Industry Just One Year into the Game

Opera’s multi-service commercial internet platform, OPay has continued its mega expansions with ORide and OTrike services now available in 6 states including recent additions Akure, Ilorin and Kano.

Over the past months, Opera’s OPay has been making major expansion plans that have been transforming the start-up into a popular multi-service provider, especially in the ride-hailing services.

ORide, OPay’s motorcycle hailing service, launched in Lagos on May 2019. Four months later, the ride-hailing service has made significant expansions adding a tricycle service – OTrike – to its operations. ORide and OTrike services are available in Ibadan, Aba, Akure, Ilorin and Kano.

According to ORide’s Twitter page, residents in Kano can book OTrike services to anywhere in the city for as low as 30 Naira.

Similarly, OTrike’s service in Aba offers an amazing discount that allows users pay just 20 Naira for every trip that costs less than 400 Naira for the month of August.

The same discount is in effect for ORide’s services in Ibadan.  With just 100 Naira commuters can take trips anywhere that does not exceed a 1000 Naira limit in the city this August.

OPay’s launch into the ride-hailing market has significantly changed the game. ORide and OTrike have made considerable growth, as the huge discounts OPay offers have been a great incentive to get Nigerians to use the app.

OPay is making good on plans to dominate the Nigerian market with their evident expansion into Kano and Akure. With the solid financial base of having recently raised $50 million in funds, their expansion capacity appears to be unlimited.

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