Users React as Uber Nigeria Now Allows you Tip its Driver through the App


After about 2 years of initial roll-out, Uber is bringing its in-app tipping feature to Nigeria.

The feature allows you tip your Uber driver at the end of a trip as a show of appreciation for their efficient service.

Unlike the ride fare, the tips are optional and all of it goes directly to drivers as Uber would not deduct any service fees from it.

For riders, the option for a tip appear after you’ve rated your driver post-trip. Users are allowed to select from a range of preset amounts or enter an amount of their own (if they desire), after which it’s sent.

Since the tipping is via the Uber app, only payments through credit cards are valid for using the feature.

Users can also retroactively tip drivers up to 5 days after the ride. And this in no way stops cash paying riders from giving their cash tips directly.

On the part of the drivers, being able to accept tips requires making sure that their Driver app is up to date and the “Accept Tips” option is enabled.

A Means to Retain Drivers?
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According to General Manager for Uber in Sub Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, the tipping feature comes as a result of the feedback Uber has received from driver-partners through various engagement sessions.

“With this feature, Uber is providing an avenue that will enable those driver-partners that often go above and beyond for riders get recognised and rewarded. This could be the driver that waits for riders to safely enter their home.”

Alon Lits, GM for Uber SSA.

Recently, Uber unveiled new rates which are designed to make driver payout more consistent. But many drivers complained that the new rates resulted in a reduction of their earnings. Thus, this new tip feature could be a strategy for the company to woo drivers who are looking for better rates.

The service was initially launched in 2017 and rolled out in over 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Upon its roll out in Nigeria, many users are happy about it as it will motivate drivers to be more courteous in their approach as well as accept card trips more.

While some others don’t really see the need for it.

In all, tipping isn’t compulsory. But for the driver who gave you excellent service, made you laugh or helped charge your phone and you feel like thanking him beyond the verbal thanks or a 5-star rating, Uber’s tipping feature will surely come in handy.

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