Ride Hailing App, Uru Allows you Share a Ride With Others


The ride hailing business seems to be thriving in Nigeria and Africa at large. From the big guys, Uber and Taxify, to other lesser-known brands, we now have more platforms focused on the online taxi hiring business.

One of such online taxi hiring platform providing Nigerians with a convenient option is Uru.

Launched in 2017 in Ghana, Uru was the first nationwide online transportation service in a Western African country. Through its app, the startup allows users book rides online and move from one destination to another with fewer hassles. After successful stunts in Ghana and Kenya, the platform launched in Nigeria last year.

How the App Works

The mobile app is available on both the Android Google Playstore and Apple iOS. Upon download, users are supposed to sign in with their phone numbers after which a verification code is sent.

If you have the NCC DND service activated, you would need to deactivate it to get your verification code.

The Registration form for new users.

After the verification process, the user is prompted to fill out his/her details. After this, the user is able to book a ride.

The app provides 3 modes of service which includes; City Cab, Executive Travel and Ride Sharing. The ride sharing allows the user share a ride with up to 2 other people to save cost. To an extent, this gives Uru an edge over big boys like Taxify and Uber.

The app also allows users to set frequently visited locations such as Home and Work, saving them the time of having to type their destination over and over.

And just like other ride hailing platforms, the app allows you add your Bank card for payments in addition to the cash option.

The app also lets you use promo codes (if you have any) and lets you refer friends to get bonuses.

At 20mb, the app is pretty lightweight and easy to use. But if you are in Lagos, you would have to hold on a bit as the service is only available in Port-Harcourt and Owerri. But fret not, you won’t be waiting for long as the service would be extending to Lagos during the Easter period.

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