Sterling Bank Unveils New Identity, Brand Cars for Publicity

Have you seen a Sterling Bank branded car on the road this week? If you have, it probably was an officially branded car, right?

Actually, those cars are off some speculated partnership between Sterling Bank and leading ride-hailing platforms to publicise the new brand identity.

The new strategy which debuted this week, sees Sterling Bank’s new logo placed strategically on some of some cars, usually on the front bonnet and side doors.

If this partnership agreement were true, this development will make Sterling Bank the first bank in Nigeria to have such partnership.

The ‘One-Customer’ bank, unveiled the new logo via twitter earlier this week. According to a statement by the bank, the logo evolution is to “align the brand with the current strategic positioning of the bank.”

This veers from the previous logo of ‘shooting for the moon’ to becoming the ‘rising sun’.

The new brand logo as unveiled by the bank.

“The refreshed identity is simpler, sophisticated and more dynamic in look. It reflects the Bank’s progression from school banking into a new and agile force that delivers fast-moving disruptive financial solutions,” the statement from the bank says.

While the new logo depicts simplicity – which is the new trend of most companies, many Nigerians on social media have argued that it is another controversial move by the bank. This is because the new logo is in likeness with GTbank’s logo, save the circle and colour.

However, many consider the initiative a clever move by the commercial bank as it has gotten the people talking. Another great one from the rocket man!

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