MyLife Plus: Leadway Assurance Wants to Bring Insurance to your Fingertips With its Mobile App

With lots of uncertainties around us, the importance of insurance policies cannot be undermined. And with digital innovation booming in Nigeria, tech seems like the answer to the pitiable condition of the Nigerian insurance sector. Hence, Nigerian insurance company, Leadway Assurance, wants to help you keep your insurance company by your side at all times with its mobile insurance application, MyLife+.

Launched recently, the app is designed to “bring real value to the life experiences of its users by providing a more convenient way to purchase and manage their Leadway Assurance policies,” with or without a third party assistance.

Created with an intuitive navigation and layout, the app allows existing customers to sign in while new customers can register with their necessary details.

To provide extra security, the app requests for a fingerprint scan to ensure protection of its users.

Users can also select their preferred policy. These includes Life Insurance, Motor/Property Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension, Annuity and Travel Insurance. All these can be done without hassle from their mobile phones. The app has also been created to provide an advisor which would help users choose the right plan for them.

Upon selection of a new product plan, users can request to get a quote. This gives them an estimate of what their premium could be when they buy that plan with Leadway. A copy would be mailed to them before proceeding to buy the plan.

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In addition to buying insurance policies, the app also allows users to renew their policies, get referral discounts, request assistance from an agent as well as to view and find branch locations of Leadway via Google Map. The app also allows users to contact the Leadway customer services unit via calls, e-mail or WhatsApp chat. Users can as well make complaints via the app.

While myLife+ seems like an innovative solution to Nigeria’s insurance problem, we hope it lives up to expectations. The app which is sized at 4.9mb has over 1000 downloads so far on Google Playstore. You can also try it out here – Android, iOS.

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