Google is Set to Hold the Second Edition of its Google for Nigeria Event in Lagos

Keen on connecting everyone in Africa to the Internet to support their businesses and innovations, Google is calling on all Nigerian creators, innovators, business owners–anyone with a digital business to the second edition of its Google for Nigeria event.

Scheduled for the 26th and 27th of July 2018 at the Landmark event center, Victoria Island, Lagos, the second edition (of a possible annual event), the Google for Nigeria event is expected to bring together Google platform users, partners, and other stakeholders together for a learning session. The event would also include a digital playground for attendees to explore, learn and play with the latest platform products.

There would also be Masterclasses with Google experts and top influencers to teach YouTube creators and Publishers on how to create content, reach their audience and make money on Google platforms. Google would also use this opportunity to present to attendees new products and investments it is making across Africa that can be leveraged to support their businesses.

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In Africa, we want to bring the internet to life for everyone. By helping users connect to the Internet in a way that supports their various hustles. And helps them make a positive impact on their communities. To us, this means a great experience no matter the device. Removing frictions to access and uplifting and changing lives through the power of technology. This is why we’re calling all Nigerian creators, innovators, business owners – anyone with a hustle to join us for the second Google for Nigeria (#GoogleForNigeria) event.” Google said.

In recent times, it is impressive seeing how the ever-changing digital world has proven to be a driving force for market change and disruption, especially for entrepreneurs and creators. And that’s why Google is also keying into the budding Nigerian digital scene by creating a platform to help digital entrepreneurs connect to the Internet in a way that supports their businesses and helps them make a positive impact on their communities.

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So are you a Nigerian creator, innovator or entrepreneur and would love to be a part of the Google for Nigeria event? You can head off  here to get started.

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