Report: 65% of Nigerian Internet Users Now Watch Online Videos

Report: 65% of Nigerian Internet Users Now Watch Online Videos

By now, content marketers agree that videos are an important way to share content on social media. But due to challenges with bandwidth and data costs, few in Nigeria put a premium on sharing contents in video format.
But a new report has facts that might make you have a change of thought.

According to a report by data analytics company, Terragon Group, 65% of Nigerian internet users now consume contents in video format. “Mobile video is the dominant social content format estimated to consist 80% of online content by 2019.”

According to the study, Nigerians consume quite a lot of video contents from different categories. But surprisingly, TV shows and comedy videos are the most consumed video categories. Others include movies, sports and music videos.

Nigerian Internet Users Love Sharing Videos

Nigerians also display a very interesting sharing behaviour with videos. A whopping 92% of them share online videos with other users.

Another interesting behavior is how Nigerians use video to make e-commerce decisions. About 50% of Nigerian internet users watched a video before visiting a store for a product or service. This clearly sends a strong signal to marketers who haven’t leveraged the power of Instagram and YouTube to draw users.

These details are quite interesting to soak in. For years, content marketers have tried several content formats they try to engage users. From articles to infographics, they’ve tried them all. And although video format as a content strategy is already a huge practice elsewhere, in Nigeria, few have really used it.

Now that trend too has been changing, as influencers, ranging from Frank Donga, Craze Clowns and recently, Lasisi Elenu, have shown just how somewhat easy video contents can go viral relative to other formats.

Hopefully, this trend will continue as people begin to take note of how important video can be. From generating leads, influencing decisions, and causing engagements, the power of video cannot be underestimated.

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