Are you a Business Investor? The VC4A Business Angel Academy is for you

business angel academy

VC4A has just launched Business Angel Academy with the aim of giving individuals the tools needed to become model investors/mentors and render support to exciting new startups across Africa.

It is an opportunity for people to join a community of dedicated business Angels across the continent with a chance to test their impact as mentors on promising entrepreneurs selected as part of the Make-IT program.

The training will cut across several sectors of business. 15 aspiring business angels will be chosen and will have access to; Mentorship Marketplace & online platform, learn from industry-experts and also engage their peers while going through the training.

According to the VC4A website:

“Through mentoring, business angels offer more than just money. Mentor-driven capital is the approach to creating value for startups by sharing the knowledge, experience and network you’ve build up during your career, while maximizing the return on investment.”

Participants would take part in two Mentor Driven Capital Bootcamps in Lagos and have access to six Masterclasses (Business Angel Mentorship, Mentorship for Growth, Partnering with Corporates, Structuring the Corporate Deal, Starting as an angel investor, Valuations and Term Sheets) that would take place in two days, between July-September, 2018 in collaboration with Lagos Angel Network and HYBR.

About VC4A
Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A)
Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A)

Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A) is posed at strengthening the Africa’s startup community by connecting entrepreneurs creating innovative and scalable businesses with the knowledge, network and funding they require to succeed. It also provides entrepreneurs with access to the VC4A Startup Academy, mentorship opportunities and the ability to raise capital.

The VC4A Business Angel Academy is in collaboration with GiZ and the Make-IT in Africa program. Interested participants can click here to apply.


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