Meet Ada, Diamond Bank’s New AI Personal Banker

Do you need to carry out transactions from the comfort of your home without having to go through the stress of queuing in the banking hall? Or you need to carry out a transaction urgently, in a place where you can’t access a bank? If yes, then Diamond bank’s ADA  is your new best friend.

Let’s Meet Ada

Ada Zainab Ajayi is an Artificial Intelligence  (AI) Chatbot launched by Diamond bank in partnership with Facebook messenger, to provide a human-like interaction and personalized experience for Diamond Bank customers.

Ada is fun to chat with
Ada is fun to chat with


And guess what? She is a lover of the popular series, Game of Thrones!

What Ada Does

Ada is a 24/7 customers personal banker. The Chatbot enables you to carry out transactions such as airtime purchase, bill payments, AND stock trading. You can carry out transfers via the social media platform, but only if you hold a Diamond bank account.

Ada is able to relate with customers in native dialect 
Ada is able to relate with customers in native dialect

Ada learns from past interactions, making it easy for her to know the customer well. Ada is easy to chat with; she is able to understand English, as well as the local languages, including pidgin. This is a definitely a plus, as all Diamond bank customers, irrespective of educational status, can relate with her.

Considering Nigeria’s present affinity for mobile and digital platforms, Ada is definitely an ideal solution. Additionally, she is easily accessible; all you need is an active Facebook account and you can chat with her anywhere, anytime.

At the time of writing, Ada already has 364 likes on the Facebook messenger platform. Evidently, Ada promises to deliver a consistently great experience every time you talk with her.


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