Microsoft 365 Education Arrives Nigeria with Impressive Specs and Government Support

Microsoft 365 Education Arrives Nigeria With Impressive Specs and Government Support

In a bid to help Nigerians students remain competitive in the global economy, Microsoft has launched a new offering in the country called Microsoft 365 Education.

Microsoft 365 Education is a cloud-based educational software pack pre-loaded essential Microsoft educational software. Microsoft 365 is an entire package for Office, Windows and security products targeted at Teachers and Students. Software included in the bundle include: Office 365, Windows 10, InTune for Education, Minecraft: Education Edition, And Enterprise Mobility + Security. Launched in globally in September 2017, SMicrosoft 365 Education is still fairly new.

The launch of Microsoft 365 Education was recently announced in Abuja at the Microsoft “Windows in the Classroom” event. At the launch, Microsoft shared that educational framework is being developed in partnership with the ministry of Education.

Microsoft 365 Education Arrives Nigeria With Impressive Specs and Government Support
Microsoft 365 Offers students access to a host of Microsoft premium applications

Speaking on the strength of the solution, Microsoft Nigeria Manager, Ms Jordan Belmonte said the suite would help educational institutions continually improve students achievement and prepare them with skills they will need when they enter the workforce.

Microsoft 365 Education gets schools up and running faster through simplified acquisitions and deployment… This eliminates wasted time and delivers new capabilities to teachers and students to help them learn and work.

Collaborative Learning With Microsoft 365 Education

Microsoft also emphasized the need for a more collaborative learning environment. Ms Jaye Richard Hills, Senior Director, Digital Education Transformation, Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa, during her presentation, shared that gone were the days when the instructor was an all-knowing instructor.

Microsoft 365 Education Arrives Nigeria With Impressive Specs and Government Support
Microsoft 365 Education offers impressive collaborative learning experiences

“With Skype for instance, teachers can also connect their classrooms to other classrooms around the world, making for an immersive and interactive learning experience.”

According to her, Microsoft researches what teachers wanted and designed tools to that effect.

The desire to prepare students for the future is what is propelling Microsoft to build technology that is easy to use and empowering for both teachers and students.

Solution Integrates School Management Platform

The Microsoft 365 Education solution also includes a school management platform. With the platform teachers get to upload results of students and it is accessible for parents to see at home. The solution also helps school administrators to track attendance, scores, and other data about students.

One of the key components of the “Windows in the Classroom” is to launch a digital learning platform, Microsoft shared. Ms Jaye disclosed that,

Education leaders in more than 50 countries have already used the Digital Transformation Framework to help plan their strategies in partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft shared that the framework is already in use by some African countries according to Microsoft. South Africa, Ghana and a few other African nations are using the framework. Microsoft believes the framework can be of huge value to Nigeria as a large emerging market.


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