Should the 2023 elections be postponed?

Eberechukwu Etike
NCC reveals toll-free number for 2023 presidential election incident hotline

Hello guys. It is a new year but the same old cruise for social media users. Will we ever get a quiet week on social media, where there are only funny posts with decent metrics and pleasant engagements?

Well, we probably can’t. While we anticipate the upcoming elections, this new year has already served us plenty of ‘gists’, and this social media roundup will give them to you as e dey hot.

We have curated the most important stories that drove conversations in the Nigerian social media space during the week.

It is the season of politics and we are witnessing a rise of audio influencers again

Revenge porn is a crime

Last year saw the ‘moral downfall’ of many Nigerian entertainers, with their leaked nude videos appearing more frequently on social media than typical Google ads. I had hoped things would be better in the new year, but instead, we find ourselves in the tangled situation of Empress Njamah

The Nigerian actress was the victim of a blackmail attempt perpetrated by a man alleged to be her lover. According to a Twitter user, who seems familiar with the situation, the man who allegedly leaked the videos created a WhatsApp and Telegram group, added a bunch of people, threatened to post the videos, and eventually did it.

Many netizens have taken to social space to show their support for the actress, praying for her mental health. The Action Guild of Nigeria (AGN), a union that regulates and represents the affairs of film actors in Nigeria and abroad, has also shown their support for the actress.

One takeaway from here is love and marry who get sense. Speaking on marriage…

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Happy married life, Kanye West

Social media roundup

2023 has started well for Kanye West. According to TMZ, the rapper has reportedly tied the knot with Yeezy’s Architect, Bianca Censori in a private ceremony. It has not been official as they are yet to file for a marriage certificate, but the couple has been spotted displaying affection when hanging out together. The rapper has also been spotted wearing a band recently.

Just last month, Kanye released a new song, titled “Censori Overload,” and many people are beginning to link the lyrics to his newfound love.

This news, as you might expect, was a shock to many social media users all across the world. This happened just two months after he divorced his wife, Kim Kardashian. Others are somewhat worried, especially since last year, we all saw a different side of Kanye West.

But again, love is beautiful, and if the rumours are true, we can only express our congratulations to Kanye West.

Tribal bigotry, a backward move

As the elections get closer, many individuals have fastened their seatbelts for the rollercoaster ride. However, in a country with over 300 ethnic groups, including three major groups, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa, and the history between them, it is sad but likely that tribal and religious bigotry will ensue.

The social space has been rife with these issues since the start of the 2023 electoral campaigns, but Nigerians took their time to drag Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, also known as Brymo for his tribalistic comment on social media this week.

Many people have taken the matter more seriously as they began a petitioning campaign to cancel and stop him from winning an AFRIMA 2022 award. Brymo has shown no remorse; neither has he apologized for the tweet. He even retweeted the petition link, mockingly encouraging people to sign it.

While all of this was happening, David Hundeyin, doing what he does best, did more research and concluded that his tweets might have been the product of a severe and continuous drug problem.

Don’t let the 2023 election cause you to hate one another. Always love your neighbours because the elections will come and go.

Wait, is there even going to be an election?

INEC, which way for the 2023 election?

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said it might postpone or even cancel the 2023 election due to the country’s insecurity issues.

Cancel the election ke?

Well, Nigerians do not like that suggestion at all. Many have taken to the social space and have advised the electoral body not to tamper with the already scheduled dates.

The election has been set for February 25, 2023, just a little more than 40 days from today. If the election is indeed postponed, it won’t be the first time the INEC has postponed an election. The electoral body postponed the 2019 election a few hours before voting was scheduled to begin.

Abdullahi Zuru, chairman of the board of the intellectual think tank of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), expressed fear at validating election security training resources in Abuja. Similarly, The Board of Electoral Institute (BEI) fears that insecurity, a challenge in recent years, could mar the upcoming elections if unchecked.

This conundrum begs the question, should the 2023 elections be postponed while the security agents get more time to prepare?

All in all, my people, there is no need to worry; you have to obtain your PVC and utilize your rights responsibly whenever it is election time.

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