Want to invest in December? Here are 3 cryptos to consider

Temitope Akintade

Crypto enthusiasts will hope that the market thrives in December better than it did in November. Last month was eventful, with several significant changes in the global crypto market. The FTX fall left sceptics and crypto enthusiasts confused about the sector’s future.

The upheaval caused by the FTX contagion has kept investors and traders baffled by the market’s crazy volatility. But with only one month left before the year ends, everything could change in December 2022. 

Despite the market crash and investor panic, crypto is not dead, as many have opined. It is alive and kicking. Cryptocurrencies still have a lot of potentials and there are multiple opportunities for investors to load up on different cryptos in December. 

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It is, however, essential to consider both the potential upside and the risks involved. Some cryptos are much riskier than others, so finding a balance between growth potential and safety is vital. Retail investors and whales are rebalancing their portfolios to take advantage of the festive bull run. In case you are also thinking in that direction, here is a list of 3 cryptocurrencies to consider in December 2022. 

Chainlink was developed to create a secure connection between various blockchains, allowing data to be transferred seamlessly to facilitate universal interoperability. Its board includes former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and DocuSign co-founder Tom Gonser. 

With such robust connections, Chainlink has access to some of the best resources for developing a real-world utility for developers using its platform.

You should be paying close attention to LINK in December because the platform’s staking option will be available for the altcoin starting December 6, according to Chainlink’s Twitter. Holders and operators of LINK token nodes will be rewarded for helping to improve the security of decentralised Oracle services.

This development is crucial because it makes ChainLink a fierce competitor to Ethereum, which offers a similar program on its platform, giving investors more options for their staking needs. $Link should be on your list of coins to buy this December. 


Polkadot is a versatile platform that connects disparate blockchains, allowing for efficient data transfer from multiple blockchains. Despite its recent difficulties, Polkadot’s fundamentals remain as strong as ever, with its $Dot token providing some of the best returns in the crypto space. 

Polkadot, coins to buy in December

Polkadot has been in the news because Deutsch Telekom, Europe’s largest telecom business, recently bought a ton of DOT. The move potentially signals a new era of mainstream adoption for the network.

Moreover, at its current levels, DOT is more attractive than ever. As a platform that continues to provide developers with ample freedom and support, $DOT is expected to enjoy a price increase as the year draws close; you should consider having it in your portfolio. 

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Polygon (Matic)

Polygon is essentially a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. Its “Layer 2” technology allows those on the Ethereum network to process their transactions quicker and at lower fees than on the core network itself.

Polygon. Image Source: Forbes.

Ultimately, $Matic, Polygon’s native token, is a relatively safe investment option in the crypto world due to its immense utility and future sustainability. The network recently integrated notable institutions/corporations like Starbucks, Meta, Disney, Nubanks and Reddit. It also inked a deal with Nike, which is looking to launch its NFT marketplace. This marketplace, called Swoosh, will be based on Polygon’s infrastructure.

Things are looking good for $MATIC as Polygon’s user and transaction numbers continue to grow. It would help if you considered investing in it this December. 

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