‘Fear Men’: The viewers’ review of “The Griot”

Omoleye Omoruyi
The Griot
The Griot
Surprisingly, she made no inference to sex. But she was so intelligent, graceful and sexy that all he could think about was sex - The Griot, 2022. 

That statement is a reference to how sexualisation takes the centre point of conversations when there are other things to consider when we relate with each other. But, “The Griot” is more than that. It is about oral tradition. It is about betrayal when a friend takes credit in place of a coy storyteller and attempts to win the heart of the woman they both love.

Film: “The Griot”
Running time: 1:49:32
Director – Adeoluwa Owu
Writers – Temilolu Fosudo, Dapo Lanre-Badmus

Characters in “The Griot”

The Griot
Lakunle and Tiwa, The Griot, 2021
Lateef OladimejiLakunle
Temilolu FosudoSanmi
Funsho AdeoluOba Adejare
Goodness EmmanuelTiwa
Yewande AdekoyaSunbo

The Plot

Alantere oo
Alantere oo

The beginning of “The Griot” gives you an insight into what you are about to watch: A story about oral tradition in Yoruba land, beginning with the popular song, and it immediately draws us to the consequences of our wrong decisions.

He died a wretched man!

The story progresses into what you will realise is the heart of an average human being – one of opportunism and sheer arrogance when power and affluence are in hand.

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If you watch further, you will be reminded of parental misfortunes when fathers and mothers force their children to pick life partners based on family fortunes, especially wealth. “Who is your father?” Only that, this time, the choice is influenced by a greedy storyteller.

The fraudster is eventually exposed and is banished from the town, Wakajaye.

This is a warning. The water in this pot will finish. The pot will dry. Once the pot is empty you will be thirsty…Gbobaniyi, I hope you understand me now?

Baba (Kunle Afod) says to Sanmi

“The Griot” ends on a tragic note – what many viewers call unnecessary. Meanwhile, let’s see what other viewers are saying about the movie.

The viewers’ review – “The Griot”

@anuoluwah: Nothing prepared me for the ending of the movie “The Griot” but it was a great movie filled with lots of lessons:

1. Not everyone you think is your friend is really your friend.
2. Being shy can limit you from reaching your goals.
3. Your ‘bestie’ can be your biggest hater.

The Griot
Sanmi – The Griot

@Momentwithdao: So I just finished watching “The Griot” and there are two sides to what I learnt:

  • 1. Physical part: I learnt that the courageous will always lead the gifted, No matter how gifted/talented you are if you are not courageous you’ll forever be at the bottom.
  • Spiritual part: it’s so disheartening to see Tiwa die in the movie, Here is the gist. You can’t live life ordinarily, you have to be powered by the Holy Ghost, Life is not fair, you’re the one playing fair.

@dondekojo: “The Griot” director wasn’t sure if the movie should be set in a modern village or an ancient one I guess. Attention to details: zip in Yemoja’s dress and glass cups, but cowry money. Maybe it’s Post-Emefiele Nigeria.

@olorunwababs: I have now watched “The Griot” – a Nollywood movie on Netflix. Excellent storytelling, but with a bad ending – I hated the fact that Tiwa died. But I guess that’s what makes a story unique. That said, there are some important lessons to pick from that movie.

@maryannivy: “The Griot” feels like a beautiful stage play that was told in the language of film. The story is so simple yet distinct and original. The actors were like music to my eyes especially Temi Fosudo in his role as Sanmi. I at first wondered why the language was so high class.

@acupofkhafi: I really enjoyed “The Griot” on Netflix! An African story very well told and it was lovely to see some of the greats of Nigerian theatre on screen. Highly recommend!

@bibzyCarter: “The Griot” is a very good movie. Good plot, good acting, and a great set. Kudos to everyone involved. I am satisfied.

@_theladymo: After watching “The Griot” all I can say is fear men, especially Yoruba men.

@vikkionline1: Why must “The Griot” end in a tragedy? Nollywood needs to do better abeg. The movie could have simply ended in a wedding party between the two lovers. That ending was unnecessary and totally rubbished the whole storyline.

We all see stories to expect different kinds of ending right? What if you understand this one is rather unique, Vikki?

@imageofvictory: Watching “The Griot”, and if shameless was a person, it will be Sanmi through and through.

The Griot

@adifferentshe: “The Griot” taught me that if you don’t do it because you’re doubting your abilities, someone who’s not as good as you is doing it and getting rewarded for it.

The viewers have spoken. Who are we to negate it? Scratch that. The viewers have spoken and we will only provide counterarguments if we have a different opinion. Nollywood is not near perfection, so do not expect the extraordinary yet.

“The Griot” is a simple story and that is where our review ends.

Skip or stream?

Start or end your day with “The Griot”, and you may end up satisfied.

The language may be elite, with only a few instances of the Yoruba language inserted, but that itself is necessary to sell the story to a global audience. There may be instances of misplaced items too, considering the era being portrayed, but Goodness is only just beginning.

We recommend.

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