Top Tech Solutions For Businesses in Nigeria 2022

At the top of the list of companies offering these solutions is Fortran House. It’s Nigeria’s leading software company that provides innovative solutions…
Top Tech Solutions For Businesses in Nigeria 2022

Businesses in Nigeria don’t only run on processes – it’s also a combination of technologies and tools. And, thanks to technological advancements like a cloud database, the way we – including small or medium businesses and multinational companies – conduct businesses is rapidly changing.    

In short, the current impact that tech solutions have on businesses in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. And, as we adjust to the “new normal” – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic – tech companies are steadily creating solutions that enable people to stay safe. Even more, these solutions will allow you to go about your business as usual.

Take Youverify, for instance – a Lagos-based identity verification startup that has raised $1 million in seed funding to expand across Africa. We even have Beacon Power Services (BPS), a Nigerian energy-tech company that recently closed a $2.7 million seed round of funding. The list goes on and on.

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At the top of the list of companies offering these solutions is Fortran House. It’s Nigeria’s leading software company that provides innovative solutions to solve daily problems not only in businesses but also in personal lives.

What’s more? Fortran House boasts trained IT experts that have been providing software solutions to businesses in the hospitality, education, and health sectors within Nigeria since 2013.

So, what software solutions does Fortran House provide that help businesses operate more efficiently?

Top Tech Solutions For Businesses in Nigeria 2022

1.     MyMenu

MyMenu is a digital contactless menu for fine dining restaurants, lounges, and hotels in Nigeria. This all-in-one self-managed menu platform helps with operations in restaurants and hotels. As a result, the average check value is increased, and the safety of staff and guests is improved.

Establishing itself as a clear global leader in the contactless menu space, MyMenu is being used by over 300 hotels and 3000 restaurants across more than 30 countries. Some of its amazing features include:

  • Tablet Menu Ordering

Everyone knows that, compared to a traditional menu, pictures and videos do a lot more. MyMenu takes this to a whole new level with its tablet menu. 

It showcases enticing videos of food to guests and upsells the entire menu. Even more, you don’t have to worry if you’re low on staff – the system allows guests to self-order and place orders by themselves. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • QR Menu

With traditional menus, you have to reprint them over time because they get old, or items and prices get changed. This doesn’t happen with MyMenu thanks to its Restaurant Scan Menu feature. 

The QR Menu allows guests to scan a QR code on their mobile devices to view the menu and place orders without even having to download the app. This not only reduces running costs but also keeps guests safe since we’re still in a pandemic.

  • Online Ordering

We all know the cost of paying for third-party delivery services, right? It can be ridiculous sometimes. But, with MyMenu’s online ordering feature, businesses can reduce their dependence on these third-party services and build their own delivery consumer base.

This feature makes it easy for customers to order food directly. You can simply create a specialized delivery menu for your customers and then share the link on your website and social media. Yes, it’s that easy!

  • Multiple Integrations

MyMenu offers multiple integrations including marketing solutions, printers, payment, and POS. This allows your operations to move even more seamlessly.

With the POS integration, guests can easily make payments with their credit card – all thanks to a built-in credit card processing system.

2.     Edumaze

Edumaze is an all-in-one school management platform that provides a seamless experience for managing nursery, primary, secondary, or tertiary institutions. It allows students, teachers, and parents to log in and coordinate exams, grading, timetables, and attendance.

Even more, Edumaze allows school management to connect all the classes and offices into one software – from the admission process to school administration, accounts, and even students’ records.

So, what are some key features of this software?

  • Manage Your Admission

One of the most crucial parts of the year for educational institutions is student admission. And, this admission process can be a bit difficult to handle, especially if your school is admitting many students. 

There’s a high chance that the paperwork could turn messy, creating room for errors and risking the reputation of your school. That’s where Edumaze comes in.

The software makes your admission process and saves students’ information easy and error-free. Plus, the entire student admission process becomes simpler, with better accuracy and efficiency.

  • Manage Your Staff

With Edumaze, you can have all your employees’ information like the number of staff, their day-to-day activities, and their payroll all in one software. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of your staff.

  • Academic Management

Edumaze provides you with more ease and flexibility when it comes to managing the academic activities in your school. 

With this software, you can easily structure the curriculum, create course groups and classes as well as define their characteristics. Even more, you can manage your student’s grades and make exams online since students can also access the system.

  • Student Filing

Processing student files and records can be tedious and time-consuming. Also, there are cases where files could go missing. Edumaze takes care of all of this.

This software allows you to input students’ records, where they’re safe and you can easily access them anytime.

  • Parent Portal/Reporting

Edumaze takes into factor how important it is for parents and guardians to monitor their ward’s academic journey. That’s why the software allows parents to monitor progress without having to visit the school – they can simply log into the software and get all the information they need.

Also, your school can use the software to notify parents about essential information like finances and student attendance.

3.     Truthshare

We know how depression has affected the lives of a lot of people, especially young people. That’s why two friends, Fortune Bekee and Kuro Briggs, came together to build a platform to help improve the mental health of youths – this led to the birth of Truthshare. You can easily tell how passionate they are about the software with the way they talk about it in this video where they were featured on by BBC & ChannelsTV.

Truthshare is an online platform that combines the power of storytelling and technology to help with depression and reduce its ripple effect on the lives of young Nigerians. The platform uses tech to provide a safe place where people are free to express themselves anonymously. They also get advice and access to professional counsellors to help them feel better.

According to research, writing how you feel gradually eases feelings of emotional trauma. Based on this, Truthshare adopts a three-fold approach that offers a long-lasting solution – a free online writing tool to help users relieve distress, matching these users with counsellors, and conducting offline seminars that serve as therapeutic and psychological sessions.

Let’s explain this approach a bit further.

  • Free Online Writing Tool

As we mentioned earlier, the free online writing tool has an anonymous feature that protects the identity of users. This way, they can speak freely and tell their stories without the fear of being stigmatized.

Also, other people going through a similar situation can engage with the stories and offer advice as well.

  • Professional Counseling

The platform enlists licensed counsellors or psychotherapists and matches them with depressed youths based on user requests. This way, Truthshare doesn’t only save lives but also solves the issue of unemployment. How? By allowing graduates of psychology who want to practice their profession to register with the platform.

4.     Venus

Venus is a cloud-based hotel management software that helps you automate all your hotel’s operations. This includes housekeeping, billing, reservations, check-in and check-out, back-office and front-office, and many more.

The software makes managing your hotel seamless. Plus, it’s suitable for small, medium, and large hospitality properties. You no longer have to worry about manual errors as all your critical operations are not only automated but also managed in real time.

Venus makes all these possible thanks to features like

Top Tech Solutions For Businesses in Nigeria 2022
  • Room Allocation

With Venus, you can easily allocate rooms to your customers. This way, you won’t have any issues with double allocations, giving your hotel a great reputation.

  • Operations Management

By automating all your crucial operations, you can easily manage your day-to-day activities. Plus, you get to see if there are areas that need improvement.

  • Billing and Invoicing

With Venus, you can easily send invoices and bill your customers. Then, they can make payments and get allocated rooms.

  • Manage Reservations

Some third-party reservation services can cause customers to cancel reservations and even give bad reviews about your hotel. That’s why Venus allows your customers to easily reserve rooms directly without having to go through any third party.

5.     HandySeam

Owning a fashion or tailoring business can be interesting but it comes with its struggles – keeping track of orders and sales, customers measurements, and so on. This is where HandySeam comes in.

The great minds behind HandySeam have researched the tailoring business to create an app that makes the tailoring process transparent. Plus, it allows fashion designers to properly manage their businesses.

Some key features of HandySeam include:

  • Measurement Information

With HandySeam, you can easily input your customers’ measurements instead of writing them on a piece of paper. Plus, you can easily save it and access it whenever you want.

  • Monthly Sales Records

We all know how important it is to keep track of sales. That’s why HandySeam allows you to keep a record of all sales you’ve made throughout the week and month.

  • Expense Management

Every successful business tracks its expenses, and a tailoring business is not an exception. With this app, you can keep track of how much is being spent running your business, like salaries, purchases, and so on.

  • Sales and Order History

HandySeam lets you see all the sales and orders you’ve made so far, all on a single platform. This way, you can keep track of where your sales and orders come from.

Wrapping It Up

Well, there you have it – you can see that technology doesn’t just have to be about fintech, it’s more than that. Thanks to companies like Fortran House, we have tech solutions in industries like health, hospitality, education, and even personal. 

The best part is that this is only the beginning. As time goes on, we’ll be seeing more tech solutions from companies like Fortran House.

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