Here is how you can earn extra cash with the GIGM Ambassador app

..allows individuals to sell GIG tickets to potential customers on behalf of the company and earn up to 10% commission on the transactions.
How you can make money with the GIGM Ambassador app
How you can make money with the GIGM Ambassador app

When most people hear about GIGM, they immediately think of buses, parks and transport across states in Nigeria. But, the company has extended its frontier to include adopting some and creating other technology solutions that have made life easier for a lot of users.

For instance, the mobility company introduced Stella, a 24/7 virtual assistant that offers provides super-fast feedback to customers. And, in August last year indicated plans to start accepting start cryptocurrencies as payment for services and offering other blockchain solutions. Shortly after that, GIGX was launched.

Now, GIGM is empowering young Africans financially by introducing the GIG Ambassador app.

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Meet the GIG Ambassador App

The GIG Ambassador App was developed to power the GIG ambassador scheme. This is a programme that allows individuals to sell GIG tickets to potential customers on behalf of the company and earn up to 10% commission on the transactions.

It makes it possible for people of all ages to make extra money using their phones while still providing potential customers with a seamless experience.

The total size of the GIG Ambassador app is 6.5MB, which is excellent given the services it provides. The will require permission to use your GPS locations and it requires at least an Android 8.0 software to function.

According to the CEO, Enahoro Okhae, the app had received over 500 organic downloads from the Play Store since its release a few weeks ago. According to him, this is a testimony of the timeliness of the solution for the market.

In case you are curious, we have taken a close look at the app’s design, usability, features, and services and here is what we thank about the app.

Getting Started

The GIG Ambassador app’s sign-up process is very strict and cannot be easily manipulated, which is a great way to avoid fraudulent acts. The app team takes a short time to approve the verification process after you sign up.

This will be communicated to you via a follow-up email.

Getting started with GIGM Ambassador app
Getting started with GIGM Ambassador app

You will be unable to access the app during this wait time, but you will be able to join a WhatsApp group via a link in the email. This WhatsApp group has over 100 members as at the time of writing.

According to Okhae, the group is a platform for the ambassadors to learn more about the opportunity, get assistance from the team as well as get graphic designs to help them advertise the services to their friends and families.

Once the verification process is complete, you will be able to access your account. The first popup will ask you to create a wallet, which will require four pins and a bank account. If you enter this correctly, you will receive another email informing you that you have successfully created a wallet.

Viola, you are ready to start earning money.

App Design

The app’s background has a light blue hue. There are three pages on the app which include; Home, Earnings, and Reports. There is also a taskbar on the upper left which enables users to input their full bank details, change wallet pins, and view their profile.

App design of GIGM Ambassador app
App design of GIGM Ambassador app

All of these features allow users to easily navigate the app and understand the activities and services it offers.

The app interface is straightforward and simple to use. It’s not particularly exciting, but it does its job, especially with the font sizes and image icons for easier navigation.

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App features

Ticket booking: While this is a unique idea, particularly in the mobility space, the app accomplishes its mission with this feature. This feature, which is the app’s main goal, allows users to book tickets for potential customers, whether they are one-way or round-trip tickets.

There is a 10% commission for you for each ticket purchased.

Ticket booking on GIGM Ambassador app
Ticket booking on GIGM Ambassador app

Inventory Management: The app not only gives you the opportunity to make money but also equips you with financial insights. The app will provide a detailed report of your transactions.

Withdrawal process: There are no withdrawal restrictions because the withdrawal process is extremely flexible. Ambassadors are free to cash out at any time.

Identity Verification Process: The verification process is one of the most intriguing aspects of this app. Whereas the app’s goal is to allow users to earn money, there is a catch to this offer. The app has three identification tiers, with each tier unlocking as you provide more personal information.

Identity Verification Process on GIGM Ambassador app
Identity Verification Process on GIGM Ambassador app

Tier 1 users are limited to 50,000 transactions per month. To advance to Tier 2, users must provide additional information such as their NIN and a selfie for verification. This raises their monthly maximum to 200,000. You cannot upgrade from tier 1 to tier 3 without unlocking tier 2.

And, the monthly transaction in tier 3 is unlimited but the verification requires two referees.

Transaction Process: On the GIGM ambassador, when booking a ticket for a potential user, there are two payment options for now. The first is through a GIGM account number that will be sent to the ambassador and they can pay on behalf of the customers. The second is online transactions using the customer’s debit card.

Note: Payments are not deposited into the accounts of ambassadors.

And, the app has been programmed to be inactive when you are at the GIGM terminals. This allows walk-in customers to book their tickets at the terminal office only.


The stress of having to go to the terminal to book a bus ticket is a big problem for a lot of people, especially in areas where distance and closing/opening times are problems. This is being solved with a creative combination of technology and a population of young ambassadors who have always been the go-to hands for the older community anyways.

It is also a providing an opportunity for a whole number of people to earn just more on the side with less hassle.

Check out the GIGM Ambassador app here.

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