Tola Fadugbagbe talks how his background inspired a successful 6-year crypto journey

Temitope Akintade

Tola Fadugbagbe
has been in the crypto space since 2016 and has become a household name in crypto trading and investment due to his sterling proven records.

In an interview with Technext, Tola Fadugbagbe, popularly regarded as ‘Connectwithtola’ on social media, shares his background, experience and what his academy, Crypto Masterclass, is doing differently.

Tola Fadugbagbe’s 100km race to crypto

Tola Fadugbagbe grew up in South West Nigeria with a humble background and education. He recalls the financial challenges he and his family encountered which inspired his goal to become better.

I came from a background where I knew I had to fend for myself. When you come from a background where your aspirations and dreams are scary to even your parents, you know that whatever you want to achieve and become is upon you.

Tola Fadugbagbe

In pursuit of a better life, Tola found cryptocurrency.

“I saw a great opportunity that will allow me save, invest and leverage. I have always wanted a system that will allow me work remotely and independently. The only way you can get out of poverty is to ensure you move freely on the money chain or you’re in the field where money moves freely. So I saw crypto as something that will give me that leverage, to move freely with money or move money freely.”

Tola Fadugbagbe
Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

In 2020, Tola Fadugbagbe was nominated by Binance as one of the top 6 crypto influential figures in Africa, a recognition of the amazing work he has done over the years.

“It’s obvious that Binance saw what I was doing in Africa, and I was in the top 6 nominated for the award. After that, people followed me, even CZ. If I go somewhere new today, someone there knows me, so to an extent, it has added to my prominence in the space and the accolades people give me.”

Tola as an author

Apart from being a successful crypto trader and investor, Tola Fadugbagbe is an author and has written ebooks on cryptocurrency. One of the most prominent among them is ‘THE SIMPLIFIED CRYPTOCURRENCY‘, written to guide newbies to avoid mistakes he made during his early trading days.

He stressed that the knowledge gap in crypto is still wide, even among those that trade bitcoin in millions of volumes daily. 

That book is about what I was not doing when I started my crypto journey. You see, money making is not magical; money making is deliberate. In that book, I stated things newbies should consider.

Tola Fadugbagbe

The Crypto Masterclass 

Tola founded Crypto Masterclass in 2017 – an academy dedicated to educating people about cryptocurrencies through social media, conferences, Bootcamp, radio, and television stations. 

Through Crypto Masterclass, Tola has educated more than 5,000 people.

Crypto Masterclass logo

“We are about awareness and crypto education and project the benefits. There is something about us in Crypto Masterclass; we are not stingy; we give free hints and tips. There are people you go to learn crypto that will charge you even to open wallets; we don’t do that. We help people create more visibility, and I feel we are progressing in that regard.”

Tola Fadugbagbe represents the community via social platforms, offline events and live streaming. His is to onboard users into the crypto space while Crypto Masterclass has a team that ensures teaching with slides and updates.

“But the role that we do altogether is to onboard users by giving them quality education before we ensure that they can also start making money in the crypto space”

…but he downplays the NFT hype

NFT is a relatively novel idea that has gained traction in recent years. It is the rave of the moment and billed, alongside the metaverse, to become the future of the internet.

However, Tola Fadugbagbe says the NFT space is all hype. He sees no utility in it and stresses that it is not a viable investment concept. 

“I’ve held a few online and offline interviews, and I’ve said to a large extent that the NFT market is nonsense. You can’t convince me that someone willingly paid a fortune to acquire one ugly image. Investment should be about products; many NFTs are hyped without use cases. NFTs will go along to help in data capturing, personal profiling, and all that. But I’m happy that this bear market has seen so many NFT projects go down.”

Nevertheless, the technology behind NFT cannot be overlooked. A quintessential example of the revolutionary quality of the concept was emphasised by Anthony Azekwoh, a Nigerian digital artist who sells his artworks in the NFT market and has made quite a fortune from them. 

Overall, the debate between NFT proponents and those that question it on viability basis is an unending one.

On controversies in the crypto world

There is talk of unhealthy competition among influential crypto figures in Nigeria/Africa, but Tola Fadugbagbe believes competition is normal. 

“In the crypto space, there is no gainsaying that someone like me preaches the true gospel of crypto or ideology. There are people who like to feast on newbies that know nothing about crypto. So, when someone like Tola goes out there to give the true crypto education, it will be as if this guy is just spoiling the market for us. Sometimes I’ll discover that I’ve not been seeing this person’s post for a while and when I check, I discover they already blocked me or they unfriended me. It is normal, I’m not in competition with anyone. 

“On the other hand, when you’re making progress in life, expect enemies. Even on social media, with the way you’re growing, people can just hate you for no reason. You can’t take things like this away from any system.

“I’m here to impact lives and of course to make money. Whoever is fighting should enjoy their fight. I’ll be glad to watch.”

How to be a profitable crypto trader 

Tola Fadugbagbe emphasises the need for education and mentorship and networking, in order to be a successful crypto trader.

Crypto education is one thing, also get yourself a mentor. Many crypto mentors may not be accessible but ensure that if they post quality crypto updates ensure that you follow and practice whatever they do. You don’t want to put blame on anyone because if you do that indirectly you’re hurting yourself. Link up with positive people in the industry. You should study and rest daily. You should help other people. There is this school of thought that the more you teach the more you know.

Tola Fadugbagbe

Tola Fadugbagbe’s Crypto Masterclass is keen on cracking TikTok after conquering other major social media platforms, all in a bid to propagate the crypto gospel.

“We are bringing more content and we are making our crypto education free for more than 90 per cent. I’m already doing that on TikTok, for those that want to learn all these basic things, they just have to join my TikTok platform @connectwithtola. If you also want to join our YouTube platform, more videos are coming. We are bringing more quality crypto education that would help the industry at large.”

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