App review: Grace Health Period Tracker is every woman’s assistant, see why

Onyinye Okonkwo
Grace Health Period Tracker launched in January 2019 and is available for use in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.
Grace Health Period Tracker
Grace Health Period Tracker

Grace Health Period Tracker, an app that sells as the best women’s health and fertility assistant, and says it guides women so they make informed decisions about their bodies, fell into our radar for the week.

Period tracking apps are a relatively new phenomenon, but it is believed that over 50 million women use period tracking apps worldwide. So, we considered Grace Health Period Tracker to help you understand if you should use the platform too.

We would be reviewing the app based on app design, ease of use, available features, pricing and feedback.

About the app

Grace Health Period Tracker launched in January 2019 and is available for use in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

It helps you track your menstrual cycle and serves as a digital female health assistant that helps you make informed decisions about your health.

Let’s get into it.

App Design

The Grace Health Period Tracker’s user interface is smooth – not fussy or busy. It has a minimalist design yet aesthetically pleasing. The landing page has a sombre feel of an app with something serious to offer.

It uses simple fonts and images to indicate areas of concern for the user.

At the bottom of the landing page, you will find the home icon, the calendar icon, track icon, chat, and profile icon all neatly arranged in this order.


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Ease of use

The Grace Health Period Tracker opens with a signup option where you provide your name, phone number or email, etc, before usage.

Displayed on the landing page are recommended articles from Grace Health Blog, full of informative content for women.

The features are displayed at the top of the page and users can easily choose from options like grace guides, sex & relationship, Body&health and several other options. Navigation is not a Herculean task on the app.

Available features

Grace Health Period Tracker app offers:

Calendar: There is an analytical calendar for recording and calculating period dates. By inputting the start date of your last menstruation, the app predicts the date of your next period and tells you your fertile days in the cycle.

You also get cycle predictions, i.e the app tells you if you have a 28-day cycle, and the more cycles you track the more accurate the predictions become.

Track: This feature helps track moods or symptoms that most women experience from the start to the end of their cycle.

You can track or log in the symptoms like discharges, supplements taken, etc. You can also log in your moods like hunger, anger, sensitivity, etc. There is also an option to log in your sexual activity during this time – All to help the app better understand your body and give accurate suggestions.

Chat: The chat feature is the health assistant. When you click on the chat icon, lined at the bottom are suggestions for the user. The assistant seeks the consent of the user before giving tips on how to deal with possible health issues.

Grace Blog: This feature is a treasure trove of information on issues concerning women. The blog features columns like grace guides, Body&health, sex&relationship, lifestyle and a segment for user feedback.

This feature has content debunking myths surrounding sex, activities you cannot do during your period, and so on.

Grace Health Period Tracker is free to use.


Smart Mwakera
I just love this app. It’s so amazing. I use it to track my girlfriend’s periods and stuff. It helps me to take care of her more. And even though it’s free, there are no stupid adverts. Thank you, Grace.

Sharon Maria
I used the apps for a few days and then it started acting up. But, nonetheless, I got a message telling me to update thus solving the problem and as promised the problem was fixed. But for real tho, this is a starter pack for all women, ranging from tracking your cycle, safe windows, sexual activities and even getting free advice THIS IS IT, LADIES, THIS IS IT!!!!!

Nkiruka Nathaniel
The first time I started using the grace app, it was working fine until one day it stopped, I had to update it & I lost all my tracking and everything, and then I started afresh. Today, it stopped opening and I checked my Google Play Store and found out that I need to update it. After updating it, I can’t track it again. If I click on track it won’t respond. I don’t know why. Please help me resolve this matter. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall it again, I will lose all the information that I have.

Stella mboya
I really love the app. It keeps prompting you to update your data and the language used is very warm and calming, however, it doesn’t give an alternative to track any other data not listed, how do we cope with this?


A) Users should be able to retain logged-in data when they update the app and updates should not so frequent.

B) De-congest the landing page. The landing page begins to look so busy after the usage starts; at least for privacy reasons.

Yet, the Grace Health Period Tracker has basic features and article recommendations that may help women understand their bodies well, especially during their period.

Try the app and share your thoughts.

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