App review: Does the DrSavealife app really save lives?

Onyinye Okonkwo
*The DrSavealife app is powered by Save A Life Medisoft Limited, a software development company based in the USA, led by Dr Richard Okoye, the Chairman of Save A Life Group of Hospitals.

The importance of ensuring that the mind and body are constantly in great shape needs no emphasis, as it is common knowledge that having a healthy body greatly improves the quality of your life, and life expectancy.

This June, to help you take better care of yourself and keep track of your health, we will be reviewing health apps that help us ensure our bodies are kept healthy at all times and gives access to medical professionals and services available to us right in our homes.  

We kickstart this month’s review by looking at the DrSavealife app, an app which was created to give everyone easy access to medical care, especially for those in the rural areas.  

About the app

The DrSavealife app is powered by Save A Life Medisoft Limited, a software development company based in the USA, led by Dr Richard Okoye, the Chairman of Save A Life Group of Hospitals.

The app was launched on October 18, 2021.

The App is designed to serve as your doctor where there is no doctor. In the rural areas and communities where there are no doctors, if you download this App, you are as good as having a doctor with you. Just like you go to the hospital and the doctor will ask you questions, that’s the same way the App will ask you what’s wrong with you. You are diagnosed through questions and the answers from the App.

Dr Richard Okoye

The app size is 13MB and has a data-free version available.

The app promises to bring doctors to you when you need any, to include consultations, drug verifications and finding the closest hospital for you to receive treatment. 

We will be using five criteria for this review: app design, ease of use, features and services offered, pricing, and user feedback.

App Design

The colour scheme of the app changes to white and purple for the period tracker feature and white and red for the medical emergency feature.

The fonts and images are clear enough but, no exciting aesthetics. Just simplicity.

Dr Save a life app.

Keeping things minimal for a modern look and making generous use of whitespace is what DrSavealife focuses on. This allows users focus on what matters most. The app also uses familiar images for easy identification.

Ease of use

The app is easy to use. You will not be complaining of complexity when it is an emergency. It is finger-friendly, with buttons and links visible enough to click on. The app gives you the required information quickly and in the simplest ways.

Intuition is a no-brainer for any app, and DrSavealife offers that.

Features and services offered

The DrSavealife app features include medical emergencies, health advice and recommendations, a period tracker, pregnancy and child feature, and a medical encyclopedia.

Medical Emergency  

This feature gives users access to information on several emergency categories and what to do in emergencies like Acute Emergency, Bites/stings, burns, CPR, Injury and other emergencies like chemical injury to the eye, foreign objects in the eye, Insect in the ear and Rape. In each of the mentioned categories, detailed information on what to do, what not to do is available.

Health Advice and Recommendation

In this category, you get to ask any health-related questions you may have.

Period Tracker

The period tracker helps women calculate and keep track of their menstrual cycle. This is done by inputting the start date, end date and cycle days of your period, then it is calculated and your next period is predicated.

Mother/child health

This feature on the DrSavealife app gives information and advice on antenatal, paediatrics and other related emergencies. Under this are two other subcategories which are; Child health companion and mother health companion. Under the child care guide are topics like sick baby guide, child drugs guide, child growth monitor and immunisation guide.

For the mother’s health companion, the user will have access to topics like; antenatal care, labour guide, postnatal guide and gene/obstetrics emergency.

Medical encyclopedia

With this, you will learn new words as it has a collection of medical terms. While the medical conditions available on the app are limited, It is an essential feature and can help users spot the early signs of some ailments to enable them begin to seek medical care early enough. 


The app is free. No hidden charges, no sneaky bills.

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What users are saying

Peter Nwawom

This is one of the best medical apps I’ve come across. It asks you questions as if you are with the doctor in person and the information you feed the app with gives it the ability to analyse one’s health issue and narrow it down to a particular health condition and in most cases it is accurate. The app also suggests a medical solution to the problem discovered, either in drugs, lifestyle changes or the best nearby hospital that can handle the medical challenge. This is a game-changer!

Nnah Deborah

Absolutely amazing App. User-friendly, Detailed, and accurate, especially the period and ovulation tracker. I must say it’s the best I’ve used so far. Though most medical problems are not listed but the direct link is great.👍🏽

Mary Nneamaka Okolo

Mind-blowing 🤯🤯🤯 It’s like a hospital at home. I actually test ran it and after inputting my symptoms, it came out exactly what I was treating. It even has asthma attack instructions for people like me and other helpful instructions. This is just wow! The encyclopedia should be updated to add more ailments. This is jaw-dropping. Thank you

Emmanuel Akoma

This app is absolutely amazing, Very Rich . A good guide where there is no doctor. It’s really worth the 5 stars. With this app, you can know how to handle any emergency of any kind related to the Life and health of anyone. I recommend it for, parents, students, workers etc. Nice work to this great team of developers.

Rocky Akpere

This is one of the innovations created by man to save lives. I am totally excited to write about the benefit of this tool. It is highly recommended. Very useful to manage health surveillance by DIY in diagnosis analysis.


Using the DrSavealife app can be helpful in emergency cases when a doctor may not be readily available. The app is for everyone, and it has a voice function which can be helpful for people who are sight impaired.

We, however, have a few suggestions. Considering one of the aims of the app is to serve as a medical option in rural areas where access to medical care is somewhat of a luxury or unavailable, we recommend adding some indigenous language and maybe pidgin English language options to help those who may not have a good grasp of the English language be able to use the app.

We also observed that the gyno/obstetrics emergency category isn’t yet available, we suggest that this option be taken out until it is readily available for users to access.

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