Construction Technology: Vertica Images partners ACCA Software to train budding Architects

The organiser, Oludolapo Ojelabi from Vertica Images admonished the beneficiaries to embrace the ACCA software solutions because of its numerous advantages
Vertica Images

Vertica Images, a firm of architects and construction technology advisors led by Architect Oludolapo Ojelabi have partnered with a leading Italian and Pan European software company, ACCA Software, to offer a 9-week free Building Information Modelling Program training to post-graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). This is for use for both professional and educational purposes in Architecture and interior designs.

This was announced by the company’s Project Manager, Mr Tony De Palma at the final training session of the Master’s degree students of the institution which was supervised by Professor Dolapo Amole of the Department of Architecture in OAU.

Vertica Images X Acca Software

The organiser, Architect Ojelabi admonished the beneficiaries to embrace the ACCA software solutions because of its numerous advantages.  

“This initiative is part our strategy at Vertica Images and is intended to deepen usage of technology by new entrants into the architecture profession. We are contributing our quota to the growth of architecture and will continue on this part for the ultimate good of the profession. I congratulate the students who have undergone this training with so much zeal and I hope to see you put all that you have learnt into practice in order to build yourself in the profession while also imparting Nigeria positively.

Vertica Images

“I encourage you all to adopt the ACCA Software solutions because of its uniqueness. It worked for me, and hopefully, it will work for you. Keep growing in the profession. Congratulations once more.” Ojelabi from Vertica Images stated.

According to ACCA Project Manager, De Palma, “ACCA Software can be used for 3D Architectural BIM, Landscape and Interior Design, Cost Estimating and Project Scheduling. With artificial intelligence you can produce real-time 3D renderings and Photo-realistic renderings, with access to a growing library of architectural objects such as furniture, textures, and materials amongst others. Starting from the design phase,

“Edificius enhances collaboration with different disciplines within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. It communicates with and transfers information efficiently between construction professionals. The design of the software ensures all data flows are consistent because we want to ensure that the data stored in architectural, structural, building services and energy performance models can be consistently assessed at all times.”

ACCA Software produces software for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Edificius is flexible and has bi-directional connectivity with other software such as SketchUp, Rhino, Grasshopper and Blender, to mention but a few. With BIM implementation, the software links data and information to the 3D model of the building.

We need up-to-date information to maintain the 3D model of buildings. To this end, our collaborators and counterparts can add information and documentation updates using cloud-based applications which are part of our BIM eco-system. The cloud-based system (usBIM) uses an advanced 3D browser and is not dependent on any kind of desktop software solution. All that is required is a browser and all BIM services and all needs will be addressed ranging from simple documentation, editing, IFC viewing, quantity surveying, information on building maintenance and operations. We have realised that we can address the maintenance aspects. We can also address the Internet of Things (IoT) which connects to any aspect of buildings.

Tony De Palma

“ACCA Software can positively impact construction professionals in Nigeria because it has an unparalleled range of software solutions for different aspects of construction and engineering.

“The big difference from others is that our software is capable of speaking to each other and also with software from other vendors. It’s all about collaboration and the fact that we need to exchange data without any compatibility problems.

“The other benefits of the software include: technical support at no extra cost, free training with the provision of online materials, enhanced opportunities for collaboration among the different professional fields. Users also have access to free technology updates. The software is affordable and authentic”, he reiterated.

Having undergone nine (9) weeks of training on the pilot Building Information Modelling Program, the Post-Graduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Architecture and Interior design were encouraged to embrace the ACCA Software because of its Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

ACCA Software, founded in 1989, is the leading provider of software used by professionals, technicians and companies in the Italian construction industry. With over 120 software solutions, the company provides design solutions for architectural, scaffolding, engineering, pv solar, interior and landscape designs, including more complex cloud-based software solutions.

ACCA, the multi-national partner of Building Smart, is the winner of the International Building Smart awards and is used in many countries across continents. It is compliant with mandatory laws and regulations in each operating environment.

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