A sneak peek into Google I/O 2022, product upgrades and launches

Eberechukwu Etike
*At Google I/O, expect upgrades to Google Search, Google Translate, Google Map, and Google Assistant
Google I/O 2022
Google I/O 2022

Google’s next I/O developer conference is here, and there are announcements that will be made including Google AI features upgrade alongside product launching. Expect upgrades to Google Search, Google Translate, Google Map, and Google Assistant.

Google feature upgrades

Google Search: One of the most popular Google features is the search box. According to Google, the feature will be redefined such that multi-searches can be performed, particularly for local information. The ‘near me’ option provides access to information such as companies, restaurants, and other local businesses. The scene exploration tool is a complement to the search function.

Google Map: Another important element is the Google Map, and the ARCore Geospatial API is the upgrading tool. Users can view live Google Maps with their favourite third-party apps with this technology. The map’s structure has been modified to include new immersive vistas and environmentally responsible routing.

Google Assistant: Advanced speech and language models are part of the upgrade. It’s also redesigned to assist the Google Assistant with various human speech faults, such as (the “ums,” pauses, and natural interruptions).
The goal of this update is to make it easier for consumers to converse with Google Assistant.

Google Translate: This is the final feature enhancement. Typically, Google Translate supports 109 languages. However, 24 new languages have been added, bringing the total number of languages supported by the program to 133. Around 300 million people speak these newly acquired languages.

However, these product improvements will not be available until 12 p.m. PT on May 11, 2022, after Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan delivers his address and exits the stage.

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What the Google I/O conference is about

 Google I/O conference - Mobile World Live
Source: Mobile World L;ive

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held on May 11 and 12, where developers, programmers, and other IT professionals gather to learn about the latest Google trends, technologies, apps, and services.

The first day of the event is always the most popular because it is when Google’s CEO and other top executives take turns on stage to disclose key software and platform updates across the company’s product line. It’s also the time of year when Google makes new product announcements.

The conference has been entirely virtual for three years before now.

Google I/O, however, is reopening its doors at Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheater but only for a small live audience on Wednesday, May 11.

Other guests can watch the show live online starting at 10 a.m. PT. The live broadcast is also recorded for subsequent viewing.

Other product features to expect
Android 13: Google I/O 2022
Source: ZDNet

Android 13: Android 13 might appear to be a popular topic at this year’s Google I/O. It has since been in development. The first preview was released in February, but is still in beta mode and can only be installed on newer Pixel phones.

Even though some elements of Android 13 are already known, there is the possibility of fresh information being revealed at Google I/O. A release date, among other factors, is something that consumers are anticipating.

The Pixel 6A is another rumoured device. Google announced the debut of the previous Pixel series at the recent Google I/O conference.

According to Jon Prosser, a tech leaker and YouTuber, Google may unveil the 6A during this year’s I/O. However, Jon Prosser predicts that it will be on the market shelf by the end of July.

According to the specifications, the 6A has the same Google Tensor chip, inch display, and camera as the 6 and 6pro.

Other product launch includes the Pixel Watch and the Pixel Fold.

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