WOW! Connect launches global events platform, TEPS, to address gaps in events experience

Afeez Odunoye
*The platform is seeking to redefine event experience with the DIY approach – Ease of use, affordability are USPs
WOW! Connect launches global platform, TEPS to address gaps in event experience
Founder of TEPS, Tobi Olanihun

WOW! Connect has launched The Experience Plug Systems (TEPS), a first of its kind platform to address gaps in events experience.

Unveiled at a hybrid event in Lagos, the TEPS platform leverages the ease of use, automation and affordability to take on challenges faced by first-time event owners/organisers and seasoned event professionals alike.

WOW! Connect launches global platform, TEPS to address gaps in event experience
Founder, Tobi Olanihun during the launch

Since the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, events managers have had to diversify to create different experiences for audiences. TEPS is driven by these changes as it attempts to “automate the attendee journey”,

Speaking on the solutions TEPS is bringing to the African and global event management space, Founder Tobi Olanihun said, ”We want to help create beautiful attendee experiences. People spend so much money doing events. It’s just as important to ensure they get value for the money or time they’ve spent on attending your event. With TEPS, we’ve merged those two perspectives and come up with a tech solution that will ensure that both parties have a better experience. That’s what it is.” 

The tech-driven solution also seeks to ”revolutionise the attendee journey” and guarantee Return on Investment (ROI) for professionals and organisations who use the platform.

”TEPS was created to enable first-time event owners/organisers and seasoned event professionals to automate the attendee journey. We’re using tech to make everybody’s lives better and make Return on Investment on events better. That’s what we’ve done.” 

Olanihun, who also serves as the VP of Education & Programs International Live Events Association (ILEA) Nigeria Chapter, added, “They (event attendees) expect ease, clarity, and almost no wait time in every phase of the event journey. They expect timely information and they want the experience to be immersive, they want to feel that you thought about them. TEPS makes sure that your attendee gets all the above and so much more.”

In his remarks, keynote speaker/Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Ecobank Nigeria, Jide Sipe commended WOW! Connect for initiating and developing TEPS.

”TEPS is bringing changes to how events are being done. I think it is a brilliant idea that this is being done at this time. Obviously, you know that pre-COVID, people were doing all sorts of events and coming up with creative ideas on how events should be done.

”Nobody thought about virtual events before, now we are having virtual events. We are having hybrid events. It’s just very important that we are launching the platform today.”

Industry experts were also at the launch, contributing to a fireside chat on perfecting the attendee problem and the future of events. The chat featured contributions from event management consultant and current president of ILEA Nigeria Chapter, Kunmi Ariyo, event technologist Cecilia Golombek and event hospitality expert, Dr. Seun Akinbohun.

The launch culminated in a demo where the founder took participants through the workings and usage of the platform.

TEPS helps users create exciting and memorable experiences with a detailed interface. The platform covers every element of putting events together, from design to execution. IT Skills Centre, a local software development and training business, developed the TEPS platform.

To celebrate the launch, Olanihun also revealed that people hosting events with 100 or less people can experience the TEPS platform at no cost for the next three months. To try out the TEPS platform from anywhere in the world, visit and follow @thepowerofteps on social media for updates. 

More pictures from the event:

Members of the International Live Events Association, Nigeria Chapter.

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