App review: Kippa app promises simple bookkeeping to SMEs, but there are questions

Onyinye Okonkwo
Kippa is a simple-to-use bookkeeping and finance management mobile application to generate professional invoices, track profit, manage expenses and recover debt three times faster
Kippa app
A screenshot of the Kippa website

Kippa is a simple-to-use bookkeeping and finance management mobile application to generate professional invoices, track profit, manage expenses and recover debt three times faster. This free business app allows you record sales, and expenses, for your customers easily and securely.

With a 25MB download space, over 250,000+ business owners trust Kippa to manage their business and keep track of all their business finances, as seen on their website.

It was launched in June 2021 by brothers Kennedy Ekezie and Duke Ekezie together with Jephtah Uche.

Kippa app
L-R: Kennedy Ekezie, Jephtah Uche, Duke Ekezie

Features Kippa promises small and medium enterprise owners

Kippa app on Play Store
Kippa app on Play Store

Invoice generator
Run a truly professional business using the Kippa Invoice Generator feature. With the Kippa Invoice generator app, you can:

Create and send professional invoices to your customers
Check invoice status (sent, viewed, overdue, paid)
Record payments of invoices
Send payment reminders and get paid even faster

Bookkeeping App
Easily manage your cash flow with the Kippa app. Track your business finances in one place with the Kippa bookkeeping app.

Record your expenses, income, and debt.
Get a downloadable profitability report to track your business growth
Manage multiple shops within one app
Secure your account book using App Lock

Accounting app
Kippa Accounting app has been designed for small businesses to manage their complete accounting needs with or without prior accounting knowledge.

Record expenses in your day-to-day business
Keep track of sales with the Kippa cashbook
Use one Kippa account on Multiple Phones
Easy to back up and restore if you format your phone or delete the app by mistake.

Receive payments faster
Get paid 3x faster with the Kippa app.
Send WhatsApp payment reminders to your customers
Send FREE automatic payment reminders to your customer
Free SMS updates to your customers on every transaction

Inventory Management
Keep an eye on your business inventory in just a few clicks
Upload new products by taking a picture and adding the price, stock quantity, and supplier information
Get reports on the best performing products
Receive reminders when you are running low on stock
Send a free automatic message to suppliers before you run out-of-stock

Why should you use the Kippa App?

Business owners use the Kippa app to manage their finances because they are promised:
100% Free, Safe and Secure
Manage customers’ information easily
Add all transactions done by customers
Message customers to remind them about pending payments directly from the Kippa app
WhatsApp customers to inform about pending payments, increase your debt recovery
Simple and easy-to-use design to manage your business records easily

Who can use the Kippa App?

Any small business owner, freelancer, or creator can use the Kippa App to manage their finances, send invoices or recover the debt.

It’s easy to get started

After you download the app, you click on the app to open and it takes you to a landing page where you can log in with your phone number and a four-digit password if you are a returning user. But for first-time users, you have to click on the sign-up icon. This leads you to a new page that says Join Kippa, under which is a space to register your phone number, next is a box to fill your business name and you can begin to enjoy the kippa app.

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What users are saying

Anonymous: While looking for a bookkeeping app for my business, I used a lot of apps but so far, Kippa seems to be the best. However, it has a few shortcomings: 1. Transactions cannot be edited after entry. Sometimes I make mistakes entering the wrong date but since I can’t edit the transactions after saving them, I have to delete them and start over. 2. There is no discount field for every transaction 3. The app isn’t really straightforward to use. 4. The debt I owe doesn’t reflect in the main transactions.

Officialchangarts: This app is ridiculously awesome. And surprisingly so for a service that is literally been offered at no charge. As the manager of a very young startup company, this has been able to help me manage my financial documentation and analysis practically stress-free. Thank you Kippa. I look forward to paying for some of your premium features soon.

Benjamin Oghenedoro Akpobome: The network glitch is too frequent and would not always record transactions whenever this glitch happens which would lead to an inappropriate balance at the end of the month. I would suggest an update where transactions can be recorded without active data or network than would be backed up to the cloud when service is restored automatically.

Vicky Ekechukwu: I like the app, good job on that. But, the country code does not change, which is not helpful for those with international clients. When getting a report with a range of one year, it does not give it month by month. It groups transactions made on the first of every month and so on, which is confusing.

Hiba Abdulkadir: Been using it for months now, but I recently observed that I can’t update my invoice. I honestly don’t know why. It keeps showing “there was an issue processing your data” please rectify this ASAP. Besides that, the app is good generally for keeping up with transactions.

Laurencello Obi-okoye: The experience since using the new banking features is bad. And it has put me in debt since the money I paid cannot be withdrawn. The response of the support team on WhatsApp is slow and when they read the chat they don’t reply. It is not reassuring at All.

Mbaa Nennadubari: Loved the app But I can’t undo some things like; deleting a business or clearing all the records. Plus, I’d love to have the option of working offline, then later syncing up! Great work 🙌

John Nwakanma: This app clears a customer’s record and gets one confused. It seems there is no effective data storing process Work on that. Create a local storage folder and enablement to the input of data while offline then auto. online backup.

Samuel: I like this app, been using it for a few months now and I must I’m impressed even though it’s not yet perfect, but when I saw an update, I thought it’ll be better. I manage different businesses which have different logos and when I upload one logo, it takes effect on all the business record accounts.

What we think

After using the app, and looking at the reviews, we can say that the Kippa app does not deliver fully on its promise to make bookkeeping easy for small and medium business owners.

The app attempts to offer some financial services like sending money which appears confusing. For instance, how do you request money from people through the app? Do I have to link my bank account?

Kippa app advertises simple, effective bookkeeping as its USP but using the app, it’s so much more than that. And, while that can be called growth or upscaling, it isn’t in the case of the Kippa app, because in trying to do so much at once they fail to deliver on their core promises.

Suggestions: Take out the e-payment option, focus on bookkeeping, inventory, reports, view records, and receipts generating option.

The above-listed services are important to business owners, especially with the apparent boom of online business.

Instead of adding financial services, they can consider charging small business owners a small amount to use their app either weekly, monthly or yearly, just like in a subscription model.

It announced Monday that it has launched Kippa Payments, a digital payments solution enabling users to send and receive payments from customers and perform extended payments transactions automatically.

Kippa Payments will be available to access within the existing Kippa app and may help solve the finance features’ problems it is currently facing.

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