Social media roundup: Post no-Grammy outrage, Tech founders back in the spotlight, others

Onyinye Okonkwo
*Wizkid loses Grammy to Angelique Kidjo | *Clara Wanjiku calls out Flutterwave CEO for ‘bullying’

While we would love to have a drama-free week on the social space, we welcome any vawulence that erupts and, as is our custom, will keep you up to date with the top four trends on social media for the week.  

This week was not lacking in drama at all. And, we’re here for all of it. See below to see what we’re talking about.

Post no-Grammy drama

This year’s Grammy ended with disappointment mixed with anger. And, the fanbase did not fail to express those.

Angelique Kidjo won the award for best Global Music Album, but many thought it was going to Wizkid considering all the stats his “Made in Lagos” album got in the year in review.

The song, “Essence” also failed to get a Grammy.

In reaction, top model, Naomi Campbell, echoed the same sentiments as WizKid’s fans with a post on her Instagram handle.

“To my brother Wizkid #madeinLagos was beyond a phenomenal album. WINNER WITHOUT A DOUBT!! You are the king of the people that have brought Afrobeat mainstream, that means more than any academy of any sort…

@recordingacademy Once again you choose to be tone-deaf to what is going in the universe”.

The new mom of one also pointed out that Afrobeats now requires its own category urging the Recording Academy to establish new subcategories under it.

She said, “Changing World to Global is not Enough.. get up to speed on the state of all popular music and include Afrobeats Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and all the subcategories that this genre so deserves – just as another respected and recognized musical genre. #MadeinLagos Album and song Essence, Were clearly in the wrong category how can you ignore the song Essence, The song by Wizkid, and Tems that was covered and remixed by Justin Bieber, you seem to isolate under global , when it should have been in song of the year category”

“This is a mis representation and a neglectful categorization of Music ONCE AGAIN . Give Afrobeats the representation it deserves . You are . Ignoring 1.3 billion people will only make us Rise !! Afrobeats in our hearts Africa beats to the world.”

American Rapper, Wale, tweeted: “Essence should have multiple Grammys.”

WizKid’s fan base took the disappointment to a sad level, going as far as harassing Angelique Kidjo on Instagram😒, forcing her to close the comment section on one post.

Flutterwave CEO on the spotlight

Clara Wanjiku, an ex-Flutterwave employee accused the company’s CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, of harassment, tarnishing her image to stop her from getting jobs and bullying, causing herself and her mother emotional distress and refusing to pay her entitlements until she employed the services of lawyers. 

Clara made this accusation in a thread on Twitter and another detailed Monday post on Medium titled “The Flutterwave CEO is bullying me and it ends today.”

Odero wrote, “I have been constantly belittled, lied about, harassed, had my name tarnished and almost arrested because of Olugbenga Agboola the CEO of Flutterwave and I am calling time. It has been almost 5 years of constant harassment and I am over it all.”

This accusation resurrected the #HorribleBosses trend, which came about after tech founder, Ebun of Bento was called out for being a toxic boss. 

You can’t make calls?

The federal government ordered the barring of calls from SIM cards that are yet to be linked to their unique national identity number (NIN) and it made many people panic.

The order for everyone to get their SIM linked to their NIN commenced in December 2020, yet more than 30 million Nigerians with a SIM card are yet to link their SIMs to their NIN.

If you can’t make calls, you’re missing.😛

10k stew

Do you know what it means to be ratioed on Twitter? No? Wow!

Anyway, one sure way to know that a person is being ratioed is not even in the comments, naaah it goes down in the quoted tweets! So whenever you see a tweet doing more numbers in the quotes than in the likes or comments, that is a sign that someone is getting dragged by their edges….okrrrruuuutt?? Consider that a crash course on Twitter… Twitter 101. 

So, this somewhat popular crochet maker on Twitter put out a tweet, “10k can’t comfortably cook a pot of stew from the scratch these days. Crazy.” 

That unleashed the peppery vawulence and Twitter people let her know that she is talking in the nonsense.

Yes, that is all the major conversations we have tracked from the social media space this week. Let us know what you think in the comment box.

See you next week!

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