See 5 Coins you should consider investing in this April 

Temitope Akintade
*Coins that are expected to bring returns in April are $AXS, $SXP, $EGLD, $RSR and $EOS

Most coins, including the heavyweights like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana have come under pressure in 2022. Yet, the interest in coins, as well as the blockchain technology behind them, is still strong.

Technext looks at 5 cryptocurrencies that have potentials to bring in substantial returns in the month of April.

Axie Infinity 

  • Market price – $58.76
  • Market Cap – $3.58B
  • Market rank – #42

$AXS is the native token of Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) game. It has use cases in governance, staking, and breeding.

Although the crazy bull run of last year might not be feasible for $AXS in the nearest future, land gameplay and the new Axie origins V3 are expected to deploy this month, and AXS could soon find itself with many new use cases which will definitely result in a surge in market price. 

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  • Market price – $2.67
  • Market cap – $2.64B
  • Market rank – #50

EOS is a platform that focuses on the creation of decentralised applications (dApps). Its goal is to make it as simple as possible for programmers to make use of blockchain technology. The platform launched in 2018. The native token for the platform is $EOS and it is part of the coins expected to pump in April.

The EOS platform can be said to not have had a significant upgrade since EOSIO 2.0 in 2020. However, this is expected to change this month with the release of Mandel 2.3. The positive atmosphere in the EOS community coupled with this development would cause a price rally that hasn’t been seen in the last one year. 

Swipe (SXP)

  • Market price – $1.45
  • Market cap – $695.32M
  • Market rank – #114

Swipe is a platform whose main goal is to connect the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds. In order to achieve this, it partners with payment networks and creates card programs that easily transfer cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa. $SXP is the native token of the platform. 

There is some excitement and optimism leading up to some events coming up this month. Numerous new updates that could result in a surge in price, such as the release of the mobile and web wallets alongside the deployment of the Solar Side Ledger Protocol on the mainnet. 

Elrond (EGLD)

  • Market price – $182.40
  • Market cap – $3.97B
  • Market rank – #38

Elrond is a protocol that offers incredibly fast transaction speeds through its unique sharding mechanism, adaptive state sharding. This mechanism manages to combine three different types of sharding and upgrade the way in which they communicate with each other.

The native token for the platform is $EGLD. This month, the protocol will release Web3 metabonding. This will allow projects that build on it to create a commitment with long-term community members by distributing roughly 10% of their supply to EGLD stakers.

EGLD has been moving upwards since Jan 22. Currently, it is in the process of making its second breakout attempt above the $200 resistance area. If a breakout occurs, the next resistance would be at $295.

Reserve Rights (RSR)

  • Market price – $0.01738
  • Market cap – $257.11M
  • Market rank – #198 

RSR is a dual token stablecoin platform, whose goal is to combat the effects of inflation. It is the utility token of the Reserve Protocol. This token is crucial in maintaining the value of RSV at this time. Specifically, it is used to guarantee the collateralization rate and peg of the RSV. It also functions as the main governance token for the network.

The Reserve Protocol continues to gain momentum in the market due to its unique characteristics and capabilities. Recently, PayPal acknowledged they were in talks with the Reserve Protocal team. This news has only helped the platform’s positioning in the stablecoin sector. A new protocol is also expected to launch this month. Betting on RSR for returns in April should be worthwhile. 

This list is non-exhaustive, so you can check out other coins that fit your investment purpose.

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