App Review: Simply Learn helps people communicate and learn new languages

Onyinye Okonkwo
*Simply Learn Languages app can be found on the Google play store and is just 9.5 MB | *The Simply Learn Languages phrasebook is very useful to survive in any country as important survival phrases are included | *You can get a yearly subscription for 18,500 Naira

Have you ever been to a foreign country and had no idea how to communicate in the local language? If you have, we also know that feeling, remembering that simple things like ordering a taxi or buying coffee may be harder than usual.

For instance, If you travel to a non-English speaking country like Thailand, you may develop anxiety issues, knowing that you will have to dance and gesticulate and go over it again to communicate your message. But, we have a solution that may make it easy. It is an app.

Simply Learn helps you learn or communicate the simplest things in over 50 native languages. While there are several language apps out there, Simply Learn gives you features and languages you may not find on other similar apps.

How Simply Learn works

The Simply Learn Languages app can be found on the Google play store and is just 9.5 MB. After downloading the app, you proceed to register with an email. You will be asked about your native language during the registration, after which you will be given an option to choose the particular language you like to learn. It then takes you to the next stage where the learning options are displayed for you to select from.

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There are four learning categories available: the Beginners category which includes numbers, time and date, and basic conversation.

Simply Learn

The next level is the Intermediate level which includes greetings, and directions. phrases, direction words, eating out, emergencies, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing, etc.

The other levels are Upper-intermediate and Advanced level which is for more serious conversations like business deals, occupation, or even romantic conversations.

Simply Learn Languages App will help you speak: Thai – Japanese – Korean – Chinese – English – Vietnamese – Spanish – German – Tagalog – Khmer – Russian – Afrikaans – Arabic – Bengali – Bulgarian – Burmese – Cantonese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – Estonian – Farsi – Finnish – French – Greek – Hebrew – Hindi – Hokkien – Hungarian – Indonesian – Italian – Kannada – Lao – Lithuanian – Malaysian – Mexican – Mongolian – Nepali – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Punjabi – Romanian – Serbian – Slovak – Swahili – Swedish – Tamil – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Brazilian Portuguese.

SImply Learn
Simply Learn

All common phrases and words are presented to you in the phonetic and original writing and recorded by native speakers from 50 countries. So, you are sure you are being taught correctly. You can save your favourite phrases and words to review them without fuss.

Studying your vocabulary is made easy with the use of flashcards using the spaced repetition technique. You can test your knowledge with a fun language quiz and review your score to see how well your language proficiency is improving and the areas you need to do more work on.

The Simply Learn Languages phrasebook is handy to survive in any country as essential survival phrases are included. For example, you can let the app speak to the bus driver to show them where you want to go. You can also easily search all phrases and words to quickly access what you need as there are over 10,000 phrases available in different languages.

Some key features of the app are:

✓ 👧🏻Recorded by 50 native speakers from 50 most-visited countries
✓ 🎙️ High-quality audio
✓ 📖Spaced repetition learning system
✓ ❓Language quiz to review your skills
✓ 📈Track your learning progress
✓ ❤️Save your favourite phrases and words
✓ 🔍Quick search function
✓ 🗒️Copy the phrases to the clipboard (by clicking long on the phrase)
✓ 🔈Play the sound more slowly
✓ 🌏🇺🇸Adjust the quiz and flashcards settings.


It is important to note that while the beginner and some parts of the intermediate category can be accessed for free, to get into some parts of the upper-intermediate and advanced category would require purchasing the paid version. You can get a yearly subscription for 18,500 Naira or a cheaper version for 3,730 Naira.

What users are saying:

Angela Burns
Easy to use. I wanted to learn Spanish so I decided to try this app. So far it’s awesome. I did spend $10 to unlock ALL of the lessons and phrases in Spanish. In my opinion, that isn’t bad. For me, it was free money because I do Google rewards, and I had accumulated over $40. lol!

Rumi Popova
Amazing app! No annoying games that confuse you and you can easily learn phrases and memorise them. In about a week I’m sure ill boost my skills in French! Thanks a lot! I hope this app continues to perfection! Love from Bulgaria.

I have only just started using this app but so far, it Is amazing! I like the idea of letting us learn at our own pace. other language learning apps rush me and I struggle to learn but this app is perfect.

What we think

Simply Learn Languages delivers on its promise to make learning a new language as simple as possible. We would recommend Simply Learn to anyone who travels all over for business, planning to relocate, or simply just wants to learn a new language

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