NowNow announce plans for financial literacy program ‘for all Nigerians’


NowNow Digital Systems, the fintech founded by Sahir Berry in 2018, offering payment gateways to merchants, in a media parley at its office in Lagos, said Wednesday, that it’s now ready to “put a face behind the brand,” and expand to everyday Nigerians.

Banking on a financial literacy campaign, American finance personnel, Matt Francis, who joined the company this year as chief strategy and investment officer, said that NowNow is offering what no fintech in the country is – tools to navigate financial independence.

NowNow said they would inform the public when they are ready to announce what the financial literacy program will be, and have partnered with a leading brand in the space for its execution. They added that it will be part of a sweeping move to provide financial services to those that have been traditionally neglected.

Lekan Akinjide, the partnership director of NowNow told the press at the round table parley that “not only are we providing services that capture those that have traditionally been neglected, but our agile ecosystem ensures that our multidimensional offering remains as a market leader.”

They said they have experienced organic growth that has produced a “99 per cent success rate” for the company over the years and are now ready to expand their clientele to include all Nigerians.

“For us, it’s ensuring our product is perfect,” Akinjide said. He added that now their ready to shift gears saying that NowNow has before now focused on “organic merchant growth. Secondly, we focused on growing the product. Now we are ready to focus on client growth, which is by far the biggest market.”

But why now? “We’ve seen a lot of people do differently, that’s their choice,” Akinjide said. “For us, it’s very clear what we need to do.”

Both Francis and Akinjide remained stoic that they have a lot of products in the pipeline that will indeed disrupt the Nigerian fintech sector.

“NowNow offers more than financial inclusion, we want to educate Nigerians about financial services by teaching them how to manage their money to help them achieve financial independence,” Akinjide said.

And, in the wake of TechCabal’s story about the toxic work environment in fintech companies, journalists at the press parley harangued Akinjide and Matt on policies that the company has put in place to make NowNow a healthy work environment.

Akinjide didn’t say how but remained staunch in defence that NowNow was indeed a healthy work environment.

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