Social media roundup: Inaugural slap of the year and the Hushpuppi wonder

Omoleye Omoruyi
Bianca Ojukwu

Good morning my neighbours, are you doing okay? Good morning my neighbours. Okay, we know you did not come here to sing, so let’s get to it.

As usual, this week was eventful. From Nigerians bantering over the extension of the ASUU strike to the energy crisis that Nigerians have not ‘torn shirt’ for to the fiasco between former governor’s wife Ebele Obiano and Bianca Ojukwu to the Hushpuppi story.

The energy crisis that has lingered for too long

Nigerians are the human definition of ‘suffering and smiling’. Amid the fuel scarcity and the power crisis, Nigerians continue to play tinko tinko on social media. Some people say, “we are not angry enough”.

Businesses have lost in two weeks what they would have lost in six months because there is no power, and to get fuel? Na war be that one.

See what people are saying:

Shehu Sani’s tweet is another conversation, but we all are not ready for it.

The big question is: Shey na like this we go dey dey?

Gradually, leading business leaders like Tony Elumelu, chairman of United Bank for Africa (UBA) are coming out to express their views. He did that through a series of tweets:

The ASUU strike that is about to cause more disruption than COVID-19

The education system is already in shambles. Many Nigerians do not believe the systems in place meet up to any standards outside of the country. The focus on the system and government funding are increasingly getting low, and now the ASUU strike is making it worse.

Who is suffering? The students whose academic careers have been disrupted and their future plans in the mud.

We cannot even ask these students to go learn a skill, knowing that they are tired of the back and forth between the federal government and ASUU.

We are going to play with this one too.

ASUU strike seems like the rite of passage for every Nigerian who passes through a public university. Do you want to say sad? No, don’t. It is worse than that.

The Hushpuppi’s internet prowess

What if Hushpuppi is rehabilitated and made to join the FBI to catch other internet criminals in Nigeria and across the world? Because this Hushpuppi matter don tire every body.

Have you not heard the new update?

It has been reported that Hushpuppi, real name Ramon Abbas, was reported to have committed fraud of up to the tune of $400,000 from custody in the US. The US Attorney General has said the court documents presented for the case are fake. But, it is possible he is trying to control news so it does not seem like the prison system in the US has been compromised.

Anyway, it is already in the news and the reactions are hilarious – yet not funny.

The news report may just be fake news though.

Ah! The fight between Ebele Obiano and Bianca Ojukwu

Nothing is as interesting as seeing grown public women fight dirty in public, using words like ‘ashewo’ to curse themselves. Interesting in this sense means shameful.

So, at the inauguration of Chukwuma Soludo, the former governor’s wife, Ebele Obiano walked from her seat to meet Bianca Ojukwu and got a slap.

We cannot ascertain if the slap was hot or not, but we know it disrupted the inauguration.

Where do we even start to talk about this one?

Nigerians have made it funny shaa:

The Yoruba will say ‘o ma se o!’

Anyway, we stop here for today. We want you to enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend.

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