How ‘Ezemmuo Blockchain’ is changing mindsets about cryptocurrency

Temitope Akintade
•Okoye Kevin founded GIDA that has gone on to train 1500+ students across the country | •He organised the first-ever Blockchain conference in Southeast, Nigeria | •Kevin and his team look forward to providing Africa and beyond, crypto education and insightful trading skills

Okoye Kevin Chibuoyim, known as ‘Ezemmuo Blockchain’, is a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is the Founder and CEO of GIDA and a co-founder of BlockchainUNN. In an exclusive interview with Technext, he narrates his experience in the cryptocurrency space.

Ezemmuo means ‘messenger of the gods’ and how the name, Ezemmuo Blockchain, came about is epic. Kevin was having a discussion on financial matters (crypto/blockchain) in a class group and his mate at that time posted a screenshot showing how he had changed his contact name to the said appellation.

“At the first instance, the name sounded odd considering the meaning. But, I decided to adopt the name as I related it to my experience in the industry in the early days, rough and not smooth.

“Indeed, I crossed those seven oceans and seas you always find the chief priests (Ezemmuos) talk about in movies. Crossed over from the rough experiences with consistency and never gave up, so I’d say the name quite aligns reasoning from that perspective.”

Ezemmuo’s time in the crypto forest 

Ezemmuo is arguably one of the early birds of crypto in Nigeria. He got into the industry in late 2018. According to him, the first time he heard of BTC was during a transaction in 2018 with a supposedly white lady. But he, unfortunately, got scammed. However, he had a relentless spirit that made him push further against all odds;

“At first, I felt like giving up, as that was my life savings. But I decided not to give up easily. I was bitten more than once and broken, but said, “I must learn this thing.”

Ezemmuo Blockchain

That decision not to back down is eventually paying off now and Kevin is delighted to describe his crypto journey so far.

“I would say, interesting. That’s the word. From Mining Scams, to Escrow Scams, to getting proper knowledge, making some money, and dishing out the knowledge to others to be better enlightened, and avoid mistakes. It’s been quite an interesting journey.”

Ginakev Digital Academy

Ezemmuo of Blockchain has deep empathy for users and has always been at the forefront to drive crypto adoption in Nigeria through proper education and enlightenment. He is someone that believes proper education will save a whole lot of people from heartbreaking experiences.

This desire spurred him to establish Ginakev Digital Academy. GIDA is a crypto academy that specialises in insightful trading awareness and education on emerging digital currencies for optimum profits.

We currently have trained and enlightened over 1500+ students across our various social media platforms we organise educational sessions on.

Ezemmuo Blockchain

GIDA makes available to their students quality education, enlightenment, trading skills as well as new digital wealth creation through cryptocurrency, blockchain and its various facets.

BlockchainUNN Conference

BlockchainUNN is a campus blockchain club at the University of Nigeria aimed at promoting blockchain adoption within the university environment.

It was founded by Kevin and two other innovative students. Borne out of the desire to step up the adoption rate among students and at the same time educate them, the club hosted a Blockchain Conference on March 5, 2022, themed “Demystifying Blockchain; the Technology behind Cryptocurrency.”

The premier Blockchain Conference in the Southeast had over 1,000 physical attendees with more streaming online. The event was also graced by some top dignitaries, experts and industry leaders in the Nigerian crypto space like Franklin Peters (CEO, Boundless Pay) who joined virtually; Chimezie Chuta (Founder, BNUG) who joined virtually; Hilary Azubuike (Founder, CryptoHills academy); Obiajulu Onyema (Author, NFT money guide); Tony Emeka (CEO, CryptoTvPlus) and few others.

Ezemmuo Blockchain

Ezemmuo Blockchain and his team still have a lot in store. According to him, “it currently looks as if we have a great number of people into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, but in the real sense there is still much to be done in terms of proper orientation and education. Because most people join the industry with the wrong intent and get burnt.”

A shift in mindset is still needed. And he believes this is a lapse that his academy is trying to fix.

“We look forward to providing this en masse to the entire Africa and beyond with Ginakev Digital Academy (GIDA). BlockchainUNN too will do its part to see the entire University environment and specifically, the student base, is carried along.”

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