Social media roundup: Timaya in soup, ₦30k for makeup and others


You guys will not believe what happened this week. Timaya, egberi papa one of Bayelsa and the plantain boy, yes, that one, was accused of a hit and run. As expected, social media caught fire. Users thoroughly condemned him, and then, boom, Timaya came out to give his side of the story, which was very different from what the accuser told social media users.

There’s more shaa.

A social media influencer said she uses thirty thousand naira for makeup and some people were sacked for dancing. Social media users also had a bone to pick with users of GB Whatsapp.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Timaya accused of hit-and-run

Lady calls out singer, Timaya for allegedly trying to kill her sister in a  hit and run accident (Video) | Intel Region
Image credit: Intel region

Popular musician, Timaya was the subject of discussion on social media this week when an Instagram user, identified as Osinubi Omowumi, posted a video of her sister in the hospital claiming that the musician hit her with his car.

According to Omowumi, Timaya injured her sister after she challenged him for bashing her vehicle. Another video then surfaced of police officers arresting the musician. Timaya later came out on social media to say he was not arrested. He claimed he only went to give a statement at the police station and that it was not a case of hit and run, as widely reported.

In the statement he released, he said he was trying to get Omowumi’s sister to leave the road so he could park and solve the matter amicably. However, he saw that the area was becoming dangerous as about 5 boys were approaching him and so he drove off, without knowing that the lady still held on to his car.

Social media users opined that the situation could have turned into a robbery while citing personal experiences.

Some were not satisfied with the way the superstar handled the situation and doubted the veracity of Timaya’s side of the incident.

GB Whatsapp or witchcraft?

GB Whatsapp is a clone application of Whatsapp by Meta. This means it has similar features but also includes extra features that are not available on the original application of the app. Among these features include the ability to view statuses after 24 hours and also to view deleted messages.

Social media users this week talked and made exaggerated jokes about the GB Whatsapp version and its users.

30k for makeup

You want to sell your face as an NFT?

A social media influencer, known as Ada La Pinky caused a ruckus on social media this week when she said she expects her date to give her money when they meet because she spends money to look good.

The influencer mentioned that she spends about 30k on her makeup and that is the part social media users ran with. Most of the comments questioned the price and compared it to living costs while as usual, it was filled with humour.

Other social media users did not believe the price and some used the opportunity to preach about cutting one’s cloth according to size.

Chicken Republic dancers

A video of two security guys dancing at a popular food outlet, Chicken Republic surfaced online. It was then stated that the guys were sacked for dancing. Social media users as usual had different opinions.

For some, the sack was extreme as it could have been a good opportunity for the food company to build their brand reputation.

Some people were in support of the outlet’s action as they felt the guards’ actions while on duty was unprofessional.

Others were hesitant in choosing sides because the guards could have violated company policy by their actions, unknown to the general public.

Meanwhile, Chicken republic has released a statement that a thrid party company is responible for the security gurds and not Chicken Republic. The outlet added that the guys are going to be retained and trained.

That will be all for this week. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

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