From critic to crypto master, read Ajose Gideon’s story at a glance

Temitope Akintade

Ajose Gideon’s story is similar to the story of an atheist who is converted and becomes a religious apologist. The CEO and founder of Cyberville Academy metamorphosed from being a crypto critic to an ardent proponent and community builder. Ajose preached the ‘cryptocurrency is a scam’ gospel for years before he got saved and became an apostle of the blockchain.

We, at Technext, had a conversation with the renowned trader and investor and he says his conversion was swift.

“It was a sort of paradigm shift because let’s say I started trading crypto on January 4, I was still pushing the ‘no coiners’ argument on January 1.”

Prior to his grand entry into the world of blockchain, he was a real estate expert, a social commentator with a loud voice on social media, a ‘celebrity laundryman’ and a well-known figure among youths in Osun, Nigeria. 

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“My journey started one day at my laundry. I was washing clothes and a friend came to visit. He told me about crypto and how he has made a fortune from it. I asked how I could be a part, he told me to download Binance then and I transferred money to Binance. 

“I put only $20 and bought my first token which was CRV, then it appreciated by $1 the next day and I saw that it could work. Then I added more money and made it up to $100 and started investing till I moved it to $1350.”

Gideon entered the space, made money, understood the underlying principles, and became a believer. He then became the community manager of  Earnathon – the largest crypto ‘learn and earn’ platform from Africa, community manager of Stoor, brand ambassador and marketer at Huobi and Aver, CMO of a successful meme token, a member of Stakeholders in Blockchain Association of Nigeria (SIBAN) and a member of the Core Team building Afoma and Sellitic, a Metaverse and NFT marketplace.

Setting up the Cyberville Academy

After some months working on several projects, contributing his quota to the space, self-learning that made him attain a level of mastery, he set up Cyberville – a crypto trading academy where noobs and professionals are taught the art and science of crypto trading and investments.

“I started Cyberville in February 2021 and what spurred me to start was the sheer desire to contribute knowledge to the crypto space. I saw that people were losing money so much in the market simply because they weren’t knowledgeable in the field they were trading so I wanted to put a stop to that hence I started the school.”

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Ajose Gideon - Cyberville Academy

Cyberville has prospered and already has its tentacles spread across the country. 

“It has been a wonderful experience, we have successfully trained over 150 students in the course of one year who are now successful traders, our mentoring program which is designed to pass knowledge on blockchain has also been going well.”

The challenges

The giant strides of Ajose and Cyberville have not come without hurdles, what is life without its difficulties anyways?

“ My first challenge was access to materials, people were reluctant to share materials and the prices were exorbitant. Another challenge was that I didn’t learn risk management quickly so I was hit at a time but I am very good now.”

Those challenges spurred the innovative lad to launch his own school, admit students for only $10, develop their skills and give them trading capital.

What should we expect from Cyberville in 2022?

“We are looking to expand the academy to accommodate a more diverse population and give everyone at least $500 as start-up capital, we are trying to get the Academy to $50m valuation this year and are open to investors.”

He further advised newbies to seek knowledge first, and allow themselves to grow.

On his romance with the Solana Blockchain

Ajose Gideon is always seen on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp promoting and talking about the Solana ecosystem. He also makes videos on TikTok explaining the technicalities and development of the ‘Ethereum killer’ blockchain for learners.

“I love the Solana Blockchain because of its speed and efficiency. It is community-focused and based on inputs from community members. It also has a lot of improvements that could be done to it but it is currently a growing space. Then I love the devs, I love their philosophy.”

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