How can I sell my gift cards for cash in Nigeria?


Gift cards are digital assets that serve as an alternative method of payment, at a designated brand. These assets simplify purchases at their brands and also widen your options when you are trying to decide on the most comfortable means of making payment.

The only downside with this asset is that it cannot be redeemed anywhere else. For example; I cannot use my $500 Steam gift card to clear my $100 shopping cart on Walmart or use my google play gift card to shop on apple store. What then happens when I have a gift card I do not necessarily need, or I am in quick need of cash? This is where gift card resale comes to life.

Yes, it is possible to resell your gift cards for cash in Nigeria, but you have to do it right. It is very important to take note of the “right” part.

Why should I be cautious about where to sell my Gift Cards?

What started so innocent and extremely innovative has been infiltrated by tons of imposters, scammers, and gift card scavengers. Sadly, it is not boldly written across the face of their businesses that they are not legit. If not, people would not be falling for their gimmicks. However, the onus is on you to also conduct personal research on these platforms before trusting them with your gift cards. It is understandable if you are not sure what you should be looking for especially if you are new to gift card trading, let me help you with a few tips.

Key elements every legitimate Gift Card trading app should have

1. Street Credibility: As funny as it may sound, every good platform should have at least one or two shouts and positive reviews around you. Before trading on a platform, it does not hurt to ask some friends, a younger sibling, or a colleague if they have heard about XYZ.

2. Rate Calculator: A rate calculator informs you of the current rate of all the gift cards traded on the platform. With this, you already know the amount you should be getting for a gift card even before trading.

 3. Social Media Presence: This is probably one of the foremost things you should look out for. It is very easy to type in the name of the platform on your search box and see what they’re about. It is an added advantage if they are also verified. Any platform without an online presence is a big red flag.

That being said, it is still going to be quite a rigorous search, picking the right platform. To save you the stress, I would go ahead and introduce you to the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. Which is Cardtonic.

What is Cardtonic and why is it the best?

Cardtonic is a modern-day gift card exchange app in Nigeria that has consistently created a reputation for itself by being one of the most accountable and transparent gift card trading platforms in the country.

Other than being secure, Cardtonic offers the best resale rates in the market, the fastest payouts, and also a 24/7 customer support team for all inquiries at any time of the day

How do I proceed?

It is very easy and quick to sell on the platform. All you need to do is download the application on either your IOS or Google play store’s “Cardtonic”, register on the platform, and start trading. The application is very easy to navigate, it practically guides you through the process, you can also follow the step-by-step process if you need further guidance.

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