Social media roundup: Pamilerin’s Valentine drama, $1000 meal, cohabitation, others


How would you respond to the question: “how did your week go?” Lovely yeah? We know. Love is in still in the air, and more love is on its way. Hold your chest and say, “I love love.”

While we were all doing lovey-dovey, a couple of events caught everyone’s attention.

A popular social media influencer showed his girlfriend a massive display of love; a restaurant served couple’s meals worth a thousand dollars; a Twitter user aired her opinion about cohabitation based on religious grounds and social media users ran with it. The last one, a man’s opinions about how early ‘sneaky links’ should leave landed him in hot soup.

Grab your snacks and let us unwrap them all.

Love in the air – literally

When Davido said, ‘love is sweeter when money enters’, he was preaching the gospel. Popular social media influencer, Pamilerin set the standard so high by proclaiming his love for his girlfriend on 2 billboards in Lagos.

Of course, ‘the God when gang’ showed up, alongside the ‘awwn association’.

For others, he was doing too much. Regardless, love is a beautiful thing.

Cohabitation or not?

This tweep was of the opinion that cohabitation was wrong due to her religious beliefs. As usual, there were differing opinions. For some, it was a case of doing what you believe in.

Other social media users were of the opinion that it was a necessary decision for intending couples so as to get to know each other better.

Other social media users felt the topic shouldn’t be so hotly contested as some Christians were already acting outside religious principles and so being against cohabitation was hypocritical.

Meanwhile, cohabitation or not, it is possible that ‘gbogbo wa lama je breakfast”

$1000 for food?

Food served at Burgundy Restaurant

Valentine’s Day saw social media erupt when people discovered that a restaurant serve a 12-course meal for $1000. The 12-course dinner was prepared by the CEO/Head chef of Burgundy restaurant, Abiola Akanji a.k.a Chef Stone, an experienced chef and well rounded social entrepreneur who is known for his exceptional culinary skills.

For some, food prepared in a restaurant with a chef of that standing was not as outrageous as people were making it out to be.

Having money changes a person’s mentality, according to some users, so for people who don’t have a lot of money currently, the price might have been outrageous to them.

Meanwhile, some social media users were completely against the price.

Foundational gym tech bro caused a ruckus on social media when he suggested that people who hooked up for sexual activities should leave by 4am. As expected, he received a lot of backlash.

For some, if you stay in your house, nobody will chase you out.

That’s it for this week guys. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers.

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