#TechnextCoinference2021: How to make the most of the biggest crypto event in Africa

Technext coinference

Sometimes the best things in life are free. We are just a day away from Technext Coinference 2021 which is set to be the largest Crypto/Blockchain gathering in Africa.

In a nutshell, everybody is expected to be coming with their own agenda. Regardless of the agenda, it is our wish that everyone present for the event leaves a lot smarter, a lot wiser and of course fully satisfied with the value they were able to obtain.

It is on this backdrop that we have developed a list of hacks (if you may) that could help you get the most out of the Technext Coinference 2021. These hacks are not absolute but they could help give you a direction and ensure you truly enjoy the event.

So let’s go.


Why do you want to attend the event?

It is very important that you have a very solid purpose for attending the Technext Coinference 2021. This means you have to understand exactly why you have to be there.

Different people would be coming for various purposes. People who already deal in cryptos might be coming to gain more insight about things such as regulation that has been on the front burner for a while.

Some people might be newbies who have an interest in the crypto space but find it very confounding. As such they will be hoping to gain some clarity.

Some people simply want advice on which coins to invest in. Others might be there to meet some of the speakers, all of whom are leaders in the African crypto space. Point is, you need to define exactly what your purpose is and work towards them

Set goals

If you already have a purpose, it is important that you set goals that must be achieved at the event. More often than not, this could involve jotting out questions that you must get answers to at the event.

Do you want to know when to buy cryptos? How to start dealing in cryptos? The best platforms for trading? Do you have concerns about NFTs? Do you want to know if stablecoins are really that stable? Do you want to leave the conference with closure whether this crypto craze is for you or not?

It is important to set goals before coming to the event. You also need to map out the best ways of achieving them, One of the ways of achieving them is by meeting specific people which brings us to the next point.

Meeting people (networking)

One of the biggest benefits of events like the Technext Coinference 2021 is the opportunity it gives for meeting and connecting with leaders and major stakeholders, future leaders etc. It is important that you don’t lose sight of this.

Technext Coinference speakers

So come ready to mingle, not just with the leaders and blockchain stakeholders but also with other attendees like yourself. You’ll be surprised at the many productive partnerships that have been struck on the stands of major events like this.

If you plan to meet up with any of the dignitaries, endeavour to connect with them ahead especially on social media. Read up about them so that when you make introductions, you could appropriately identify them by their works. Also, have plans to keep in touch with them in future.

Attending the physical event?

If you’ll be attending the physical event, it would be wise to be sure about certain logistics. The most important of them is transportation especially given the dicey transport situation in Lagos.

Attendees coming in from other states might also need to ensure they have comfortable and affordable accommodation since the event will be held in the evening and into the night.

It’s important to come early to the event so you could get the best seats in the house. Also, make sure to be checked in at the entrance for accountability.

Wondering how the Technext Coinference 2021 would look like? Here are snippets
A view of the venue of the event, the Pistis Conference Centre, Lekki, Lagos

It’s essential to engage with the activities as they unfold. You would also do well to engage with the business stands of the crypto-based companies that will be on display in other to further understand and access products available to you.

Attending the virtual event?

For attendees for the virtual event, please endeavour to obtain a link to the virtual event beforehand. Also, make sure to sync the event on your Google calendar and other tools so that you can get reminders.

Check your device to make sure battery levels are optimal and power sources are readily available. Then, make sure to use the best available internet provider to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted transmission.

Finally, feel free to record the proceedings for future reference.

Share your experience!

There’s always love in sharing as long as what is being shared is beneficial to others. The event will be a lot more fun if attendees share their experiences on social platforms using the hashtag; #TechnextCoinference2021.

There will be free WiFi courtesy of nTel at the venue so you need not worry about data. All you need to do is just keep sharing those videos, pictures, hot takes and everything else.

The Technext Coinference is already here guys. Let’s reimagine this thing together and have loads of fun while at it. If you haven’t registered to be a part of it, please follow this link to do so.

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