#CampusMusicStar: SHAREit Lite and Boomplay hit Nigerian Campuses to find the next music star

#CampusMusicStar: SHAREit Lite and Boomplay hit Nigerian Campuses to find the next music star
#CampusMusicStar: SHAREit Lite and Boomplay hit Nigerian Campuses to find the next music star

In line with its goal to foster digital content accessibility among young Nigerians, SHAREit Lite has partnered with leading music platform, Boomplay to launch the Campus Music Star, a singing competition for university students across Nigeria.

The Campus Music Star competition which kicked off in October 2021 has recorded participation from thousands of students across 11 major universities in Nigeria.

“Nigerian students love music and like to share their happiness with their friends, which is why we’ve entered this alliance with Boomplay to give students with a strong passion for music a chance to achieve their dreams, let out their musical talents and become the music stars that they aspire to be. As the official campaign sponsor and major partner for Campus Music Star competition, SHAREit Lite provided support and engagement with the students in several activities since the qualifying stage in 11 Nigerian campuses” says SHAREit Lite.

Out of 11 campuses and thousands of entries, 10 participants have emerged as the finalists and proceeded to the grand finale on November 25th, 2021.

According to Boomplay,

“We are extremely pleased to evolve this partnership with SHAREit Lite. Exciting activities were lined up along the journey. The series of events leading up to the finale includes Masterclasses by Music Experts for the top 10, In-App voting and on Social Media for maximum public participation, a Community Display of the finalist talents to the public, online and offline games for all students with exciting prizes. Everyone who participated indeed received great support and had so much fun for their musical journey”

This competition has been a notable feat with participants winning ₦10,000,000 worth of prize and reaching millions of music and content-loving students.

SHAREit Lite ensures that its platform presents the best peer-to-peer file-transfer solution via mobile apps without the requirement of internet data and it takes its involvement with young dynamic Nigerians a notch higher.

Beyond the grand finale, SHAREit Lite has successfully built a thriving user community through which it will communicate more opportunities to students, ensure seamless feedback from users, and foster an easier file transfer process to ensure that moments captured through music, songs, videos are shareable among users, their families and loved ones in a very fast and efficient manner.

Further commenting on the initiative with Boomplay, SHAREit Lite said

“We live for that very moment when our user community is relieved because we’re able to remove their worries and create a seamless process when sharing moments, content, or music, because beyond this competition, at the end of it all, it’s that power to share fast and lite that truly matters.” Through this competition, SHAREit Lite and Boomplay intend to create the next cool crop of young music stars in Nigeria.

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