Experts to analyze the future of work in Africa at the Talent Summit Africa 2021

Experts will analyze the future of work and talent management in Africa at the Talent Summit Africa 2021

Developing new skills is vital so that organizations and their collaborators can adapt and survive in this era of accelerated technological change. Precisely, the Talent Summit Africa 2021 powered by elev8 in will bring together executives from all industries and leaders in talent management to lay out the roadmap towards a new digital workforce.

The event which will take place virtually on Friday, November 26 will be a space for conversation and analysis about the professional transformation that the African region and the world require.

The forum is aimed at professionals in the talent sector such as recruiters, HR managers, people & culture, business leaders, operations managers, and workers in the IT sector.

“Over the past year, we have seen a gap in tech talent both in the public and private sectors. We believe it is important to have a space for analysis on the professional and global transformation required by not just Nigeria, but Africa to succeed in the new digital era,” said Lars Johannisson, Country Manager of elev8 education Nigeria.

Different executives from all sectors will address future skills, digital acceleration, upskilling/reskilling, lifelong learning, Power Skills, among others. Speakers at The Talent Summit Africa 2021 include Oluwaseun Solanke, VP/CIO Airtel Nigeria; Richard Rotoye, MD Creditville; Obinna Ukonu – Country Digital & Technology Platform Director Nigerian Bottling Company, Nsikak John -Head, Enterprise Innovation Hub NGX.

Experts will analyze the future of work and talent management in Africa at the Talent Summit Africa 2021

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Investing in talent management brings multiple benefits for companies, their employees and also serves as solid support for the development of countries. A 2019 PwC report titled Talent Trends 2019: Upskilling for a Digital World revealed that 46% of CEOs surveyed say that reskilling and upskilling are the essential steps to close a potential skills gap in the future.

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