Microvest is helping users save, invest and drive financial growth


Despite the general impulse of Nigerians to spend due to the deplorable economic situation, saving culture is improving in the country. This is partly due to the availability of Fintech platforms that now make the process easier with the click of a button. 

The COVID-19 epidemic taught Nigerians to be more conservative in their spending and it was one of the main reasons for the rising adoption of saving platforms through electronic channels.

Micovest, a financial business advisory and investment platform, has introduced a savings and investment mobile app that will enable financial growth for its users by encouraging saving habits and reorganizing the obstacles Nigerians experience when attempting to save cash for capital projects. 

The App, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, is a savings platform that enables consumers to save and invest money wisely while also receiving returns on investment.

According to the firm, in addition to encouraging users to save in a simple and dependable manner, it also provides solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. this, it says, is a characteristic that sets it apart from other fintech savings platforms. 

Robert K. Okiyi, Microvest Chief Operating Officer. 

“Microvest is coming in with unique selling products. We assure you that these products are tailor-made for customers because, in Microvest, we won’t ‘product-push’; we extract the needs from our customers and provide a solution via our products and platform.” –

Robert K. Okiyi, Microvest Chief Operating Officer. 

How does the platform work?

Microvest offers its users a convenient way to create a saving plan, save money, and fund their wallets periodically from any of their bank accounts. 

The company also provides a means of appreciating users for their continuous savings by offering rewards that are competitive and valuable through interest. According to the company, it is “important to put your savings to work.”

Its Saving plans 

Like every other player in the Fintech industry, Microvest offers several variants of savings products, allowing customers to choose their savings goals. 

Its MISAFE is a flexible savings plan where users can fund their wallets and create a plan. It allows withdrawals anytime and also gives users the opportunity to transfer funds to any bank account.

The MITARGET is a bit fixed as it helps users save towards a specific goal while they get rewarded for their discipline, Users can access the money at the targeted date. Withdrawals before the targeted date would attract a fee.

Microvest: driving digital growth while enabling financial growth for its members. 

MILOCK is another plan on the platform. According to the company, this plan has the functionality of keeping funds locked in a vault to help users resist the temptation to tamper with them. Access would only be granted to the user upon maturity.

The company also boasts of the MISOCIAL plan, where users can leverage social relationships to achieve collective saving goals. The company says it’s not just about the product, but its intention is to build a community of people who will grow together. 

“It is about the discipline, family, network, and connections of people who have similar goals. We are going to offer more of these products as we grow organically,” the COO said.

Over 200 active users

Microvest was commercially launched in November 2021, after 4 years of conceptualizing by its co-founders. 

The company was co-founded by Ayodeji B. Monehin, and Oladele E. Olaleru, with Robert K. Okiyi retaining a position as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. 

Before the commercial launch, Microvest had its application on the Google Play store and had has about 200 active subscribers, with 80% of them having actively consummated transactions, according to the company.

Following user feedback, the company claims to have made its interface user-friendly, exactly as its customers would want it. “We have learned that no human is wired to want anything less than ease or convenience,” the COO said.

The company says its plans are to continually add new features that would stem from the needs of customers. It also plans to make upgrades as often as its customers demand them. 


Microvest is currently free for all users, according to the company. There are no charges for registering and signing up on the platform. Users can download the app, register, fund their wallet, and create a plan.

However, the current charges that apply are the statutory ones that accrue to bank transfers and payment gateways. The company says it would rather reward customers for savings than taking from them.

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