Social Media Roundup: ‘Nurse e shock you?’ African mummy disgraced abroad and others


Hello guys. It’s the end of another working week. Hope it was a good one for you. As usual, we are here to deliver all the gist that moved social media this week.

I’m sure you have heard of ‘odeshi‘. Well, one nurse experienced it firsthand this week. Someone’s African mummy slapped a young girl abroad and it quickly descended into violence.

Also, a married man had questions about his wife and his mother. Sit back and relax make we run am back for you because an amebo wey no concern us we wan to dey chook mouth inside now.

buckle up baby 704 - Lets go!!!!

Odeshi, Nurse e shock you?

If you are still doubting the efficacy of juju, we can guarantee that Nurse Harophiat is not among you people again. She shared her experience in her line of duty and social media users trooped in to express their opinions.

Apparently, other health workers have experienced it and they, in turn, told their experiences.

On the other hand, science people came to clear them that there could be other explanations apart from the fortifications.

This type of experiment could be necessary sha. Seeing is believing.

African mummy in the mud

A young girl with her group of friends was in a shop minding their business when an elderly woman decided to get involved in their affairs. The woman then proceeded to slap the girl and all hell was let loose.

The incident happened abroad but we Africans at home had plenty to say. Team Home Training felt the girl was being disrespectful by talking back.

Others were of the opinion that respect is reciprocal.

It will be interesting to see how the authorities abroad decided the matter.

Wife vs Mother-in-law

This tweet sparked plenty of conversations on social media. For context, the man has an old, blind mother. The man, who is abroad, wants his mum to stay with his wife and two kids in Nigeria. The wife was however unhappy with the arrangement.

The argument of who should come first is as old as time. It however does not stop people from expressing their opinions whenever it comes up.

Some chose their mother without hesitation and from another angle, it was viewed through gender lenses.

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