Wondering how the Technext Coinference 2021 would look like? Here are snippets


A few weeks ago, we announced our maiden event, Technext Coinference 2021. Since then, quite a number of our friends have indicated interest and love to know what the programme will look like. So, this is a brief explainer for you!

First, a bit about why this is important.

A lot of Nigerians are waking up to cryptocurrency as a financial asset. But a lot of them don’t quite understand how it works and importantly, how secure their investment is. With numerous investment platforms crashing all around, nobody can blame them for having strong misgivings.

The Technext Coinference is providing a platform for Africans wishing to explore cryptocurrency and the opportunities therein to engage with major players in the crypto space as well as gain valuable insights that would help their journey going forward.

The maiden event is billed to hold on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at the Pistis conference centre in Lagos. With a proposed physical audience of at least 1,500 and a virtual attendance of at least 3,000, the event is set to be the biggest gathering of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, innovators and regulators in Africa, so far.

Now, to the details:


Networking starts upon arrival and will be encouraged all through the conference. This is because the conference is designed to foster engagement, one on one interactions and conversations among attendees and with the expert speakers.

Although the doors will be opened by 2 pm, the event will not start officially until 4 pm. The first keynote will not happen until 30 minutes after that. So, enthusiasts, innovators and regulators can have brief chats on expectations collaborations before the main event.

Wondering how the Technext Coinference 2021 would look like? Here are snippets
A view of the venue of the event, the Pistis Conference Centre, Lekki, Lagos

Of course, we are expecting some really big players and stakeholders in the crypto space as speakers and guests. This should be fun if knowledge-seeking and networking is your focus.

Conversations on innovation and regulation

The event promises a line-up of influential speakers that will share insightful thoughts that will inspire the attendees to take advantage of the numerous benefits of cryptocurrency.

The first keynote address will be titled: Innovation, regulation and aftermath. This will be delivered by the Honourable Minister for State, Prince Clem Agba.

Now you don’t want to miss this one because this is where we talk about the role of government and regulators in the growth or otherwise of the ecosystem.

Wondering how the Technext Coinference 2021 would look like? Here are snippets

The keynote address will touch on topics such as the innovations within the cryptocurrency space. What presently obtains, some of the best ways to obtain and transact in cryptos and every other nitty-gritty.

This will be followed by a session on Regulation: untying the knots by experienced industry players and representatives of key regulators such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pending confirmation.

Our expert panellists comprising some of the best crypto minds in the country will dissect the regulations, their implications and what this means to the emerging financial system.

Panellists include Uzoma Dozie, Foundr at Sparkle; Buchi Okoro of Quidax, Dickson Nsofor of Kora, Austin Okere of ALA and Chimezie Chuta, founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

Conversations on the possibilities of blockchain for Africa

The second segment will feature a keynote address by Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, CEO at Patricia. This address will highlight the possibilities of cryptocurrency adoption across Africa and how the attendees can position for future leverage.

This will be followed by a panel session. The focus of the conversation will be on the capacities of Blockchain, how it can be harnessed and deployed, how much impact it is already having across the continent, and how this could be very beneficial for the attendees and their businesses.

Wondering how the Technext Coinference 2021 would look like? Here are snippets
Some of the speakers at the event…

Panel speakers will include Emmanuel (Babz) Babalola, Africa Director, Binance & Interim CEO, Bundle; Ruth Iselema, Founder & CEO, Bitmama Inc; Jacquelyn Madu, CEO Aza Pay and Osamede Arhunmwunde, COO at GIGX.

This will be a very interesting panel and every crypto enthusiast will be glad to have access to the conversations.

Q and A

This is where the floor opens up for everyone to have their say and forward their pressing questions and concerns to the speakers. Here, members of the audience will be able to forward questions and concerns and the experts will do justice to them.

We intend to make the event as engaging and as interactive as possible because we know this is what you came for. So there will be ample time for everyone to raise their questions and have them respond to them. We intend that you leave the event with all your doubts cleared.

Watch out as we spotlight the speakers in the coming weeks.

To be a part of the explosive event, click on this link for registration and more info.

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