eNaira wallet removed from Google Playstore after 100k downloads amid sign up issues

In a surprising turn of events, the eNaira Speed wallet is no longer available on the Google Playstore. This development is coming barely 72 hours after the app went live.

The eNaira was widely anticipated prior to its launch. In a statement from CBN’s Director, Corporate Communications, Nwanisobi, he said the project was a culmination of many years of research work by the central bank in advancing the boundaries of the payments system.

The eNaira was to make financial transactions easier and seamless for members of different strata of society. However, events following its launch have proven otherwise.

The eNaira has been the subject of many debates as many Nigerians are still unsure of how it is going to work and of what importance it is to the economy.

Although both the individual version of the digital wallet and the merchant version are available on the Apple store, only the latter is available on Google Playstore with over 10,000 downloads.

eNaira wallet removed from Google Playstore after 100k downloads and signing up issues

Before the removal of the app from the store, it had over 100,000 downloads with an average of 2 stars rating.


The app came under negative reviews on Google Playstore as well as on social media. A lot of the complaints on the Playstore were centred around users’ inability to sign up on the app.

I didn’t understand the app. I can’t login, it says try again later. CBN should fix the app very well before we can be using it.

Maleek Shorunke- 1 star

A user, Ogbaekirigwe Victor, who gave the app a 2-star rating, complained about his inability to sign up.

“Finding it difficult to sign up. It keeps telling me to contact customer support. Again, there is no information on any mail to write. I mean customer support mail to write or complain to,” he said.

Similarly, Abdulrazak Rogo who gave the app a 1-star rating, said his frustration stemmed from his inability to sign up.

Can’t signup, after providing all the information for registration. The app keeps loading for more than 30 minutes without any response. I did it again but same problem.

The case isn’t very different on social media as users wondered why the app was launched only for it to be pulled down when Nigerians are trying to acclimatize with it.

For now, we simply have to wait for an official statement from the government as to why the app was removed from Google Playstore.

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