The Ghost and The Tout Too dominates the cinemas as moviegoers spent N453.6m in September

The Ghost and The Tout Too dominates in September as moviegoers spent N453.6m on cinema

The recovery of the movie industry is still upwards as stats from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) indicate that cinemas raked in N453.6m last month, a 4.6% increase from the N432.3m that was spent by moviegoers in August.

Disney’s Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings generated a total of N127,898,470 while Nollywood’s The Ghost and The Tout too made an N90.9m rake, far from the leading movie.

September 2020 was when cinemas reopened in Nigeria after the lockdown. Nollywood movies piqued viewers interest in the latter part as their Hollywood counterparts were still in the thick of the lockdown.

Hollywood had moviegoers in a chokehold in August as the top five movies in the closing week were from Hollywood studios.

Hollywood’s dominant run in Nigerian cinemas is not unusual. Although The Ghost and The Tout Too usurped the number one position from the leading movie in its opening weekend.

A scene from The Ghost and The Tout Too

A look at the numbers

The Ghost and The Tout Too made about N33m in its first weekend while Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings made about N24m that weekend, which was its second week showing.

Nollywood had other representatives apart from The Ghost and The Tout Too. Bad Comments came 3rd with N55m total revenue and De Wedding Gift was in 5th place with N40m. These 4 Nollywood movies made the top 5 movies in the last weekend of September.

A breakdown shows that the second week of the month had the highest number of movie watchers (72,256) as it was the opening week of The Ghost and The Tout Too. The same week was the highest-grossing of the entire month with a revenue of N107.2m.


The final weekend of the month witnessed a revenue drop to N39.1m with just 26,633 moviegoers. This could be owing to the fact that there were no new movies. Boss baby: Family Business was the only new foreign film but it was an animation. The children series generated just N1.7m and had just a little over a thousand viewers.

The cinemas experienced a significant boost in the number of viewers in September. The total attendance was 331,494 moviegoers. This is quite close to the 360,928 movie watchers that visited the cinemas in January.

Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings had 17,342 viewers in the opening weekend while The Ghost and The Tout Too had 20,848.

These indicate that the cinema industry is slowly but surely, the industry is recovering from the pandemic.

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