elev8 Education aims to upskill over 1000 Nigerian businesses to meet global tech adoption

Since the pandemic began, tech talents have become one of the hottest commodities in the hiring market. Companies across the globe are searching for people with tech skills to fill the new roles digitization has propelled.

elev8, a global academy is solving this problem by helping businesses equip their employees with global digital skills need for digital transformation instead of hiring new workers.

The company offers training in the most in-demand skills and modern technologies, including big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud, and cybersecurity.

elev8 has offices in Costa Rica, Qatar and has just recently expanded to Lagos. It also has several secondary sites where it offers state of the art training centre around the world.

elev8 Education aims to upskill over 1000 Nigerian business to meet global tech adoption
elev8 Media event

elev8 is portfolio company under the YNV Group. The group also include companies like Tek Experts, a global technology support company and Wize Solution, a software development company.

Plan to train 1000 businesses

After spending about a year in Nigeria, the company revealed at a media event in Lagos on Wednesday that it plans to train up to 1000 companies in technology specialized training programs by 2022.

Speaking at the event, elev8’s Country Head, Ashim Egunjobi, expressed commitment to help business grow especially at a time when they are recovering from the effect of the pandemic.

“The country is currently recovering from the economic repercussions, and we recognize that businesses/companies, both public and private, are also trying to recover.”

Ashim Egunjobi, elev8 Country Head

She added that digital transformation and upskilling has a major role to play in driving the country’s economic growth.

elev8 Education aims to upskill over 1000 Nigerian business to meet global tech adoption
Ashim Egunjobi, elev8 Country Head, Nigeria

elev8 plans to replicate its success in other countries in order to help transform Nigeria’s business landscape.

Beside technology training, the company has executive and leadership programs and boot camps for companies executives and IT experts. The participants also have opportunities to get world class certificates like Microsoft, Oracle and AWS.

Asked what differentiates elev8 from other educational companies, Ashim uses a strategy called personal assessment per scale. According to her, this helps them track the individual progress of each individual that is being taught.

Educating the Nigerian workforce

Across the world, businesses across all sectors are accelerating the adoption of technology and digitalization to establish a competitive edge, drive growth and ensure efficiency.

Ashim believes that in the future there will only be technology and technology enabled companies in the world. “In the future there will only be technology companies and companies that use technology for there activities.”

To start ahead of the curve, she says the Nigerian workforce has to be technologically educated, trained, and upskilled. “Failure to do so would be devastating, as our country and industries would be swiftly left behind in today’s global economy.”

elev8 Education aims to upskill over 1000 Nigerian business to meet global tech adoption
Lars Johannisson Country Manager, Tek Experts Nigeria

elev8 with its digital skilling and transformative education initiatives believes that it can achieve this by partnering with the government.

The country manager revealed that they are working with the Lagos government and are already in talks with the government of Ogun, Enugu, Edo and Ekiti state.

In summary

As we enter the second half of the year, it’s critical for business to reflect, strategize, and employ all available technology tools to scale up their operations in order to fulfil their objective.

elev8 says its passionate about driving business development and growth.

According to the country manager, the company is ready to help businesses upskill and reskill so that they can comprehend, adapt, and implement these technological advancements and tools in a variety of ways and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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