You can now watch Netflix for as low as N1,200/month with the new mobile plan

Netflix Earns Record $1.7bn Profit but Africa Only Posts 0.32% of Global Revenue in Q1 2021

Netflix users in Nigeria can now watch their favourite movies for as low as N1,200 monthly with the recently-introduced mobile plan across 43 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The new plan is about 60% reduction in the price of the basic Netflix offering (N2,900) and will be available alongside Netflix other plans; basic, standard (N3,600), and premium (N4,400).

According to Netflix, the new plan was introduced to give consumers more choices no matter their budget or requirements.

“Different people have different entertainment preferences. Some want Ultra HD and the ability to stream on four screens at once. Some only watch movies and shows on their phone. Adding a mobile plan gives consumers more choice no matter what their budget or requirements”

Extract Netflix Press release
You can now watch Netflix for as low as N1,200 with the New Mobile Plan

Watch Netflix even without the internet

Asides from the new plan, the streaming giant is also introducing a Play Partial Download feature that will allow users watch titles that are partially downloaded.

With the Play Partial Download feature, Netflix allows members to watch their favourite titles, like Fatherhood or the next episode of Elite, even if it hasn’t completely downloaded.

Before now, Netflix had the Downloads feature which was introduced in 2016 to allow Netflix users worldwide to download their favourite content.

In 2018, it added Smart Downloads on Android, followed by iOS in 2019. The feature automatically downloads the next episode in the series that you’re watching as well as deletes an episode once you have seen it. 

Earlier this year, another download feature – Downloads for You was introduced to Android. This one automatically downloads recommended shows and movies onto a mobile device

With this feature, you always have something to watch irrespective of internet connectivity. 

You can now watch Netflix for as low as N1,200 with the New Mobile Plan

Now, Netflix is adding yet another feature that will let users watch movies even before it finishes downloading.

This feature will enable users to save time because they no longer have to wait more than 10 minutes to complete a download before watching their favourite titles.

Additionally, it would save cost as they minimise the use of cellular data prices and enable downloads over wifi. This way they still enjoy watching Netflix movies using offline viewing.

The feature also allows you to choose to finish the download and keep watching.

“If a user starts watching a title that has not finished downloading, they will be prompted to download the rest of that movie or episode in a series once they’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network.”

The new feature can be accessed from the ‘download’ menu on mobile or from the continue watching menu.

In Summary

Users in Sub-Sharan Africa already watch 2x more Netflix on their phones than the rest of the world. According to the company, the new Mobile plan ensures users have a much more enjoyable user experience

Despite being cheaper, Nigerians using the Mobile plan still has access to all available Netflix titles.

According to Keela Robinson, VP of Product Innovation at Netflix, the new additions will help users access their favourite series or movies regardless of language, device, connectivity, or location.

The partial download feature is currently only on Android but Robinson says testing on iOS will begin in the coming months.

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